Bangarang Gym, situated at Chiang Mai, Thailand, surrounded by emerald green paddy fields and verdure hills is an ideal spot to get fit, lose weight and have fun. Gym Bangarang is dedicated to bring the best in health and fitness locking in programs that are lined up for you at this place. Located in an environment where greenery, safety and cleanliness are abound, Gym Bangarang is one of the fitness centers that has fitness bootcamps in Thailand as part of its health giving, self image boosting and skills mastering programs.



As one of the fitness center that offers fitness bootcamps in Thailand, for foreign tourists and locals alike, Gym Bangarang is all too aware of what health benefits that particular workouts bring. In that knowledge, the individuality of customers who seek Gym Bangarang’s service is taken into account. Asa fitness bootcamp in Thailand, what the customers seek in attending the bootcamps are put foremost – this is because the founders of Gym Bangarang understand that people’s fitness goals differ. So, they will arrange the activities according to your needs with professionalism, warmth and congeniality on behalf of the staff.


Besides getting fit and losing weight, this multi-faceted fitness bootcamps in Thailand also have programs designed to make you a formidable fighter. Or you can choose just to chill out and enjoy a different kind of holiday that is not only physically uplifting but mentally too.



The fitness bootcamps in Thailand that Gym Bangarangoffers constitute of being all inclusive. When you attend their fitness bootcamps, all round care and hospitality around the clock all come together into the package. Besides the training sessions, meals and valuable tips and advice are added when you pay to take part in this particular fitness bootcamps in Thailand. For good measure, there are also daily massages and airport transfers. Your undivided focus on your fitness goals is paramount. Hence, Gym Bangarangwill take care of everything so that you are free to do what you came to do.


Diet goes hand in hand with a workout regime and understanding that health ensuring reality meals for you are made at Gym Bangarang’s on site restaurant. The dishes are prepared in such a way that taste isn’t compromised.


Gym Bangarang undoubtedly offers one of the best fitness bootcamps in Thailand. It is definitely worth it for you to up your fitness and physical endurance levels at Gym Bangarang’s fitness bootcamps.