The biggest highlight is the introduction of the 1.5T turbocharged engine and a set of i-MMD hybrid systems. The fifth generation of Honda CR-V is based on the platform of the 10th generation. The fifth generation of CR-V debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show in November last year, when the 'Tong Jiren car comments' predicted blueprint comes from the US version. Later, the new generation Sensor of Honda CR-V was officially released at the Shanghai auto show, then brought the 1.5T models (model name 240TURBO), followed by, and also known as sharp and mixed Sport Hybrid models.

  New car size is not much change to the car home published data for reference, domestic version of the length / width / height were 4585/1855/1679 mm, wheelbase 2660 mm, only 40 mm longer than the cash models. In many compact SUV have lengthened the moment, the new generation of CR-V size changes tend to be conservative. Appearance, the new generation of CR-V also no subversive changes, the former face followed the latest family design style, consistent with the US version. The overall line is more abundant, sleek, tail rear triangular window size increases, while the taillight also uses Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor a new design, which should be the biggest change it

  The new generation of CR-V product highlights are not 'outside', and in the 'inside', interior upgrade is one. After the replacement, the trend of changing the interior is a sense of technology is more prominent. Reference to the US version of the CR-V, the new car will use 7-inch touch screen, and ten Civic domain consistent with the LCD dashboard and three-spoke multi-function steering wheel. The new multimedia system supports CarPlay and Android Auto and other mobile phone interconnection. As for a key to start, remote control of the dual temperature zone automatic air conditioning, electronic handbrake and ACC adaptive cruise systems will also appear in the configuration list.

  Japanese cars slowly began to introduce turbocharged engine, which is a trend. But interesting point, on the Honda CR-V competing products competing, whether it is Toyota Rongrong, or Nissan Qijun, currently in the sale of models are only naturally aspirated engine. On the occasion of the replacement, Honda CR-V first introduced a 1.5T engine, can be considered to seize the initiative. 1.5T engine is the main power of the next Honda configuration, has been carried to the crown and UR-V, the maximum output power of 193 horsepower, the peak torque of 243 cattle meters. From the data point of view, this engine Temperature Sensor and Honda Civic 1.5T different. Civic at the beginning of the listing of the lack of capacity problems encountered, I am afraid with the 1.5T engine capacity is limited. A new generation of CR-V listed, may also encounter the same problem. After all, Dongfeng Honda's third factory is still under construction, to the current production line can digest the new capacity needs, still leave a question mark.

  Multi-force in this fight melee, which is a new generation of CR-V where the new normal market segments. On the one hand, the joint venture brand each supernatural powers, body lengthened as the main theme, such as 'old rival' Tiguan after the replacement, directly to the concept of L-name upgrade to medium-sized SUV, and the old section of the concept of two generations, Long, sales also once again back to the peak; 'later' Nissan Qi Chun even in the compact level of the body into the seven seats; and in the market shortly after the Chevrolet deliberation, starting from the price has been as low as 17.49 million Yuan; recently hot up Kodiak strength can not be underestimated. On the other hand, independent brands to break up, with the 'two more' product strength and cost-effective and joint venture compact SUV compete for potential customers, Chuan Qi GS8 is a typical representative. From the state of fever after the year, the Japanese SUV had a period of low trough, only through the terminal 'poor one' price, make up for the European and American SUV positioning Speed Sensor on the gap. The resulting consequence is that more than 200,000 mainstream price range, a joint venture compact Japanese SUV basically has been cleared. As a leader of the Japanese SUV, the new generation of CR-V must enhance the product force, to ensure the stability of the previous price, which reshape the brand image.

  Honda is also equipped with a turbocharged engine, a new generation of CR-V is the first time with the turbine edge. In terms of the Japanese camp, Honda is the first person to eat the sweetness. At least, in the last two years, the new generation of CR-V can maintain a technical lead. However, the joint venture compact SUV pattern is scheduled, the German Department of Tiguan and the United States Department Pressure Switch  of Angkor still have the positioning, price and product on the lead, a new generation of CR-V if you want to impact the sales champion, the difficulty can be imagined.