There have been plenty of celebs have shown in recent times that older people can still look great in swimwear. The toned stomach is one of the most common and desired goals for any individual completing a fitness routine; however, contrary to popular belief, an endless amount of crunches will not help achieve this goal. If crunches don't work, then dieting and removing all unhealthy foods may be the best option right? Wrong. To achieve a sculpted and trim core, it is best to incorporate changes to the diet and in daily life instead of doing crunches and making large dietary adjustments. This article will detail 25 simple methods to flatten that tummy.

1. Talking While Walking

Instead of spending time chatting with friends over coffee and desserts, it is recommended that you enjoy the catch-up while moving. Studies show that you are more likely to engage in a thorough work out if you have an exercise buddy. A weekly walking while talking meet up session is the perfect opportunity to enjoy friendly conversation while working the abs. You can also form fitness clubs or try out new gym classes as social events.

2. Doing A Roll-Up

The roll-up is an exercise technique where you hold a resistance band between your hands and lay on the floor facing the ceiling. Your legs must be extended and your arms up overhead. Tuck in your chin, lift your arms toward the ceiling and pull in your abdominal muscles as you gently roll your head, shoulders and torso up over your legs. Keeping the heels planted firmly on the ground, reach your hands towards your feet and pause. Slowly roll back down. Repeat the roll at least 5 times as a recovery position between 30 minute intervals of cardio workout. It is recommended that the roll-up is completed at least 5 times per week. Remember, it is important to not strain yourself and complete the roll as far as your flexibility allows.

3. Completing Cardio Workouts

The most effective method to burn belly fat, according to university studies, is via aerobic exercise. A Duke University study found that aerobic training burns 67% more calories than resistance training or a combination of aerobic and resistance training.

4. Using Spiderman Moves

Spiderman climber moves can be an enjoyable and effective means of burning belly fat. This exercise begins in the plank position where your arms and legs are extended with your hands beneath the shoulders and feet flexed. Tighten your abdominal muscles as you bend your left leg to the side and bring the knee up toward the left elbow. Hold the position and then return to leg to the plank position. Repeat this exercise on the right leg and complete at least 20 repetitions alternating the legs. Increase the effect of Spiderman climbing by combining it with 30 minute intervals of cardio at least 5 times per week.

5. Exercise While Vacuuming

Cleaning the house is not always the most enjoyable task, but vacuuming can help tone the tummy. Tightening your abdominal muscles while moving the vacuum cleaner back and forth is a great technique to exercise the stomach area. There are also other ways of improving the cosmetics of the body as you can see here.

6. Eating Fiber

For each 10 grams of fiber consumed daily, your stomach will carry approximately 4% less fat. Fortunately, there are more effective methods to consuming fiber than eating several bowls of bran flakes in the morning. Two apples, one artichoke, 1/2 cup of pinto beans, or two heads of broccoli will provide you with 10 grams of fiber.

7. Be A Pushy Customer At Restaurants

Did you know that saying "I'll go last" when dining out can actually add centimeters to your belly? Studies have found that an average sized female is more likely to imitate a slim female's eating habits rather than an obese female's habits. To avoid any potential increase in your belly fat, it is recommended that you order first when out for a meal. This will help you reduce the amount you order and perhaps reduce the chance of friends gaining weight as well.