The control system used on the vehicle can be functionally divided into a sensor unit, a control unit and an execution unit section. Among them, the sensor unit is a smart car high-tech logo, has a unique and important position, its quality directly affects Sensor the quality of other parts of the car can effectively monitor and control, thus affecting the overall performance of the car. So the car manufacturer or vehicle manufacturer in the sensor factory or installed to the vehicle before, need a means to evaluate and verify the sensor.

   Commonly used sensor types include wheel speed sensors, crankshaft position / camshaft position sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, knock sensors and so on. And for the endless stream of models, each function of the same sensor in the shape and there are different differences. Coupled with measurement indicators, the production environment Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and other increasingly demanding requirements, making the traditional single test bench, can not take into account such a variety of sensor production.

   Automotive sensor production testing is no longer a few simple test equipment, but a set of mechanical and electrical soft combination, automated, easy to expand, open to the test equipment. And these are the 'flexible test' technology advocated by the use of flexible technology designed automotive sensor test system to meet the requirements of the final test of the sensor, through the practice proved that is the case.

   In fact, with the progress of science and technology, not just the car sensor, other electronic devices are increasingly intelligent, complex, to meet consumer comfort, ease of use requirements. In this case, the Pan-China monitoring and control in summing up the experience on the basis of past, for the production of electronic products testing, proposed a package of solutions, known as the 'flexible test' technology. 'Flexible test' technology Pressure Sensor is based on the relevant technology to meet the needs of test and measurement technology. With the virtual instrument technology, test and measurement technology, mechanical and electrical integration technology, software technology and communication and network technology as the core, is a representative of modern testing technology.

'Flexible test' technology is a master of a variety of technologies, is more biased in favor of production and application of test technology. The automobile sensor test system based on 'flexible test' technology embodies the design idea of ​​modularization, electrical interface Speed Sensor standardization and software componentization, and integrates mechanical and electrical integration technology, virtual instrument technology, software technology and so on. Flexibility, scalability, adaptability of the three advantages are reflected.