Floatation therapy which involves placing people in floatation tanks has taken the health world by storm and all with solid justifiable reasons! The science behind this therapy seems to have all corners covered and those who are health conscious have found a new platform to bump up their health.

These float tanks and the practice has actually been around for about half a century now and although there are many individuals out there who would swear by the ‘hair on their chinny chin – chin’ that these things work, there are an equal number of individuals out there who still have questions in their minds about the floatation tank, which include the usual is floatation therapy safe, how does it work, are there side effects, is it expensive, how many sessions are required before it starts working and so on and so forth. 

This article will try to provide some simple answers in order to put these questions to rest. First and foremost what most of you should know is that floatation therapy is perfectly safe although first timers may go through a little light headedness, the after effects makes the few minutes of light headedness worth your while, besides the after a few sessions the light headedness disappears and will be replaced by pure mind balance. 

Electrocution or drowning is not a hazard as the entire float pod is perfectly insulated with no conductors within the pod and as for drowning, it is actually impossible due to the high concentration of Epsom salt in the solution that you will be floating in will not let you sink. Even for those who might have issues with claustrophobia could actually leave their floating pods slightly open and it still does what it is supposed to do. So what exactly does it do?

Well the basic concept of sensory deprivation within float tanks is basically what it says; deprive you of all the basic external stimuli such as sight, smell, sound, temperature and even gravity. The point is to free-up resources in your brain and give your brain a break from the constant bombardment of these external stimuli that uses up a significant amount of your brain’s processing power and leaving very little resources left for the brain to focus on other things going on inside you. 

When an individual is placed inside a floating pod, he or she is floating in an Epsom salt solution (which contains a high amount of magnesium which is also good for us as the magnesium is absorbed through the skin) which allows the individual to float effortlessly which basically means that the effects of gravity has been eliminated. 

The temperature of the Epsom salt solution is set at body temperature which means that there is no stimulation caused by temperature as well. The pod is sound proofed and it is dark, eliminating sound and sight and off course the compartment is neutralised of odours, hence there is no smell as well. 

When all these stimuli are eliminated for a period of 45 minutes to 2 hours, the tremendous amount of relief the brain gets allows the brain to synch everything else internally and once you are done - the feeling that you are left with for the next few days is simply the definition of blissful peace.