A bouquet prepared from fresh flowers is perhaps the loveliest gift one can give and receive. However, very few people know to arrange the flowers in a vase correctly. Though we are not trained in the art of floral arrangement like a florist, there is a treasure of tips, tricks and ideas from florists’ kitty one can apply.


Here are some secret tips to make your vase ready like a pro.

Treat your stems

It is the first lesson you would ever learn from a florist. Any flower stem that looks slightly soft should be treated in a pot of boiling water for half-a-minute. If the stems are woody, like wholesale roses, treat it for a bit longer.

Do this by placing some boiling water in a pot and placing only an inch of the stem in the water. If you have a large number of flower stalks, like roses in bulk, treat them together.

Be cautious to not leave them too long in water as they will start cooking.

If the stem is short, protect the flower from the stem by wrapping it in a newspaper as it will wilt and die.


Searing is another process to learn where a cut stem is directly applied on an electric stove. It is done to seal the stem so that it can hold the plant juice longer. This procedure may take some time to perfect.

How to cut the stem


If you ever get a chance to look at florist scissor, you will get to know that they use stronger blades, not normal scissor to achieve a better finish.

Cut the stems diagonally to ensure that flower sucks up maximum nutrients from the water. Also, don’t forget low-level leaves that will go under the water level. It will give the stems some more room. 


Right thing to put in water

Adding flower food is an essential step to increase the longevity of the flowers. You can easily get one from shops. You can even make one at home by adding a dash of bleach and sugar to water. It will prevent bacteria growing in the blooms and will keep them fresh for a long time. However, don’t exceed the quantities as it can have an adverse effect. 

Get the vase clean

Many people place the flowers in the nearest vase available, without checking if it is clean. If you want to make your floral arrangement attractive, make sure that the vase is sparkling clean and contains no bacteria. You can treat it with boiling water or vinegar once it is cleaned. Use bleach and bottle brush to remove all the stains.

With these useful lessons learned, there would be no reason left for your floral arrangement looking unprofessional. There are so many stunning arrangements for every occasion to try.

Remember to change the water of the vase to maximize its lifespan. Good luck and share your experience with us.