The twice retired boxer is in his off-beat days but his craze is still alive as hundreds of bettors have placed money on him in Las Vegas. The market is full of speculations about the fight between Floyd Mayweather & UFC Champ McGregor but there is no confirmation as for when the two will enter the same ring. But this is no way going to affect the pushback of Casino Sportsbooks or stop bettors from encashing the lucrative opportunity of unibet from the much-flaunted clash.

As per ESPN, the Mayweather & McGregor fight has already garnered a huge response as tens of thousands of dollars are already stashed in the betting market.

This includes the $10,000 ticket at the Westgate Superbook. As per the experts, the UFC champ has every chance to win the fight the bettors are of another say. The majority of bettors are skipping the 49-0 undefeated champ to bet on the underdog.

The current scenario poses -900 odds on Mayweather which mean bettors would get only $100 in return in case Mayweather wins. On the other hand, McGregor who boasts at +700 would earn a bettor $900 should he be the winner. What Floyd has to say? Floyd was the first one to put a stop to the false reports of the fight between him and McGregor.

Talking to the media he said that he would be the first one to break any such news. But, since February, when he denied the news, he has not spoken much on the developments. Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White, the mixed martial arts promoter claims that he is all set to finalize a deal with McGregor and soon he would reach out for Mayweather.

He added that McGregor would be receiving $75 million paydays whereas Mayweather would settle at $100 million.

Money looking for NBA Team: Besides making a comeback, Mayweather wishes to buy the ownership of an NBA team. He took to social media saying, “It’s about time for me to buy an NBA team.” However, as per the experts, Mayweather do not have enough money to survive in the field as there are billionaires leading the market.

Mayweather is known celebrity on Instagram is known for his betway wins. Recently he posted a picture holding piles of cash alongside a caption, “I bet on @isaiahthomas today!”