Home appliance sensor faucet, focusing on the new direction of automotive electronics. Hualong Gaoli is the world's largest sensitive functional ceramic device industry base, in the Sensor high-precision micro-NTC temperature sensor, PTC heater preparation has its own core technology, home appliance temperature sensor market share of more than 70%, is the traditional home appliance sensor leader. With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the rapid rise of new energy vehicles, the company actively layout vehicle sensor market for fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles to provide system solutions, successfully entered Tesla, BYD (48.91 +0.82% , SAIC and other first-tier depot, automotive sensor market space limitless.

Company to laser intelligent manufacturing as the starting point and foothold, the five plate business development, is the market few manufacturing platform company. Benefit from the industrial automation and the development of things, the company has ushered in the rapid development of strategic opportunities. The layout of optical communications industry chain, build high-speed network world. As a domestic mainstream optical module suppliers, laborers are relying on a strong supply chain management and global sales network, to achieve a cloud - tube - end of the whole industry chain layout. Companies to grasp the 5G era of high-speed network Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor development opportunities, and actively layout 10G PON product line, expand the data center business, and continue to improve the intelligent terminal product line, optical communication industry chain layout will enhance the company's competitiveness and then on a platform.

  Huagong technology to 'laser technology and its application' as a foothold in the energy laser, information laser and sensor in the field of development, already has industry-leading edge. The future of the company will continue to focus on the development of resources, 'intelligent manufacturing' and 'science and technology' two business direction, the products are widely Pressure Sensor used in machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automobile industry, iron and steel metallurgy, shipbuilding industry, communications network, national defense and other important areas , High-end equipment manufacturing platform prototype has been.

Laser processing industry is booming, 3C, panel, power battery, automotive and other downstream areas of strong demand. Laser processing can be used for cutting, marking, engraving and welding and other industrial applications, alternative to traditional processing methods have obvious advantages. In the field of small and medium-power laser, laborers have achieved welding, brittle materials, automation, cutting, marking and other product lines covered, the solution covers many industries applications, consumer electronics, the company's largest customer Speed Sensor share continues to enhance, OLED panel, power lithium Batteries, PCB and other sub-areas demand ushered in the outbreak; high-power laser field, with the development of lightweight vehicles, laser processing applications in the automotive industry continues to deepen, the company's leading domestic laser welding technology, the next few years laser processing equipment industry Usher in the rapid development of the opportunity period.