World’s several religions have their origin in India, the colorful country. Other than Jainism and Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism were also born in India. Buddhism has gone above the boundaries of the country and forms its presence in various corners such as South, East, and Southeast Asia.  

Gautama Buddha and His Journey 

Gautama Buddha was born in Lumbini. He started towards India to get the answer of the questions that distressed him regarding the life and the sufferings. Many years of meditation and penance provide him the way to Nirvana. Lord Buddha set about sermonizing on the middle way to salvation, till he goes for his divine abode from Kushinagar. 

If you want to visit the place where Buddha meditated, attained enlightenment, and more to re-trace his footstep, then you must book the Buddhist Circuits Pilgrimage Tours from the reputed tour operator.

Buddhist Circuit Tour  

The Buddhist Circuits are the places that hold the great importance of Buddhism Holy Sites. Locations where Lord Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment, preached the first Sermon and reached the Nirvana, all are included in Buddhist Circuit Tour. 

Bodhgaya, Lumbini, Kushinagar, and Sarnath are the main pilgrimage places of Buddhist Circuits related to the Lord Buddha’s life and teachings. Besides these, there are many places where Buddha and the saints pursued traveled during Buddha’s life after his transformation. Buddhist Circuit Tour Operators are providing the relaxing, enjoyable, and religious Lumbini Buddhist Circuit tour to discover the magnificent beauty and major attractions of Buddhism. 

Throughout the tour, a visitor explores many moments of Buddha’s life. From his birth moment, teachings, religious struggle, the accomplishment of enlightenment, great meditations to the message of non-violence and peace, tourist discover all the moments that are significant to today’s life and time of his day.    

Main Motive Behind Organizing Buddhist Circuit Tour 

Circuit tours are designed with the aim to show the golden way set out by Lord Buddha. The Buddhist followers of BIMST-EC countries bring together to sermonize the Buddha’s beliefs of non-violence, peace, and love. The leading tour operators aim to harmonize the teachings of Lord Buddha in everyday life through interesting tourism activities. Tourists, as well as pilgrims can enjoy the alluring appeal of myriads of engaging experiences.     

If you are greatly inspired by Buddha’s philosophy and want to follow his steps, Buddhist Circuit Itinerary provides the visit to all major Buddhist circuit places if offered by the right place like Buddhist Circuit, the dedicated website for Buddhism.