Fond Memories of The Kentucky Skit!

I have seen the "Today in History" Blog Post by Lawrence Moskal, but I thought they were just a picture with only the daily event that he was citing for that particular day, so I never really checked them out.

Saturday he posted a picture of the running of The Kentucky Derby as his "Today in History" Blog, which reminded me of The Kentucky SKIT a few years ago. Today, he posted a picture of one of the most magnificant Race Horses of all time, Secretariat, which also reminded me of The Kentucky SKIT. Since I am a native Kentuckian, this caught my eye for the second time in a few days and I actually opened up the Blog post and found some other very interesting facts that have happened on this day in history.

I highly recommend that you start checking out and reading the "Today in History Blogs. They contain many very interesting facts. I will be checking "Today in History" out on a regular basis now!

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