Any place in the world is connected to its food. A specific place’s food tells a lot about its culture, geographical conditions, people and a basic general taste.

Cultural significance

Any place’s food tells the specific rituals and a lot about its conditions in the past. Food has a direct way of talking to people’s heart and the artistic value one adds in their food tells which place they come from. The amount of spice a place’s food has or the amount of sugar or the type of tea one drinks has a cultural connotation. Japanese way of food presentation is much different from Nigerian way of doing so.

Urban styles

In the fast paced world out there a healthy and a cost effective meal needs to exist for millions of people. Today’s developed and developing nation is going through huge progress in almost all the sector. Almost all industrial sectors are booming. The time and money needed artistic exploration of Food is almost gone with this setup. That is where Organization like Hello Fresh comes in.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a food delivery service which relies on the delivery of healthy food at cheap affordable prices. The system it works on is that it delivers the raw ingredient for the food chosen by the customer along with an instruction list of assembling the food. The delivery takes maximum of 15-20 minutes and assembly of the food takes almost 7-10 minutes. It has a range of ingredients and food menus to choose from so that people can always keep the variety going. For the ever working man this has come as a savior for many. for more info visit

Geographical significance

Food has a direct link to geographical conditions of a place. For instance the reliance on fish in coastal and areas near to river is the most common thing to see. Western areas of Gujarat shows the way dry lands affect food and food delicacies. Gujarati food is particularly very dry in nature because of the weather conditions that favors dry crops.


Historical Significance

History plays a major role in the shaping of food and its styles. When a Nawab from Bengal was running away from the British he took shelter in the villages. Because of they couldn’t afford meat. Instead of meat potato was added in the biryani. Long after the independence people