Heartburn is basically a digestive disorder that can happen to anyone at anytime. These are some home based remedies and over the counter medicines to combat heartburn problems. Medicines are there to solve the problems, but to remove the root causes of heartburn, you should consider consuming heartburn relief foods. As it is a digestive disorder, you should prefer eating fresh, lesser oily and lesser spicy foods. In this article, we shall learn about the best gerd treatment. Let us find those foodstuffs which trigger heartburn. You must avoid these foodstuffs, if you are suffering from chronic acid reflux issues.

1. Tangy Citrus Foods

Grape fruits and oranges are considered as classic heartburn foods. Whether we talk about lime or oranges or grapes, all of them contain high amount of organic acid, which is formally known as citrus acid. If you want simple home remedies for reducing acid influx, then avoid eating these fruits first. Do not even try orange or grape juices, as they are equally acidic and may trigger heartburn.

2. Tomatoes

If you contact a nutritionist, she or he would suggest you to consume tomatoes daily, as tomatoes have amazing health benefits in offering. The help our body to stay refreshed and oxidized. They are also considered as rich source for essential vitamins and minerals. Though having rich nutritional values, tomatoes can possible trigger heartburn issues, especially if you are suffering from chronic digestive disorders. Tomato also contains organic acids, which trigger heartburn problems.

3. Onion and Garlic

In preparing various tasty dishes, garlic is often paired up with onions. Garlic has a several good effects on out health. It rejuvenates our skin and protects us from anti-aging. While on the other hand, onion also comes with excellent nutritional values. These two ingredients are often found in most of the dishes that we eat daily. Hence, for us, onion and garlic are the part of regular usages. But, do you know that these two ingredients can cause heartburn? It has been tested that for a section of people, garlic and onion cause heartburn issues. So, it is basically a trial and error experiment. If you find that onion and garlic are causing heartburn issues for you, then avoid them or do not consume them regularly.

4. Alcohol

Bad news for the alcoholic! Alcoholic drinks are often suspected for triggering heartburn issues. If you are looking for acid reflux gerd natural treatment, then you have to leave or lower the consumption of alcoholic drinks. Alcohol has several malign health effects and causing heartburn is one of them. Furthermore, alcohol becomes more harmful, if you consume it with spiced or oiled up foods. In such cases, you are verging towards sure chances for acidity.

5. Cheese

Well, cheese is not considered as an obvious heartburn food, as it causes occasional acid influx under certain conditions. If you are a chronic heartburn sufferer, you should avoid consuming cheese on regular basis. Occasional consumption of cheese would not cause acidity. Moreover, not all types of cheese cause acid influx.

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