Do you find driving a car difficult in maddening city crowd or too tiresome in a long road trip, hire a driver and still stay comfortable in your car. Here are a few reasons why hiring a driver is a better option than hiring a cab or taxi:

Your car- your comfort

There is a special comfort you get in your car but you don’t get it is a taxi or a hired car. Be it the choice of music, or your special cushion for extra support, be it your personal belongings in the glove box which you don’t want to carry along every time, or the special comfort you paid for while buying this car- hiring a driver will ensure you still travel in your own car.

Parking? No problem

When you drive a car, naturally, you have to go find appropriate parking, and when you’re done, you again have to walk down to the parking, find your car (sometimes in a multi-storied parking lot) and bring it to the porch all by yourself unless they have valet parking facility available. When you hire a driver, all you need to do is tell the driver where to stop and forget about parking hassles.

Staying updated

You have your Smartphone in your pocket and your tablet PC in your carry bag, but when you choose to drive, you can access neither of them. On the other hand, upon hiring a driver, you can stay updated with news, sports, your schedule, talk to your secretary, business associate or simply stay updated with the world on the go. 

Travel expediency 

If you choose to hire a driver, you can relax in the back seat of the car; enjoy the outdoors, read a book, or take a nap. If it’s a business travel, you can prepare for your meeting or conference while you travel instead of wrecking your mind well before you reach the venue. If it is a short city drive, you don’t have to raise your blood pressure at the maddening city crowd and frustrating traffic jams. 

Affordable packages

Unlike a taxi service, you do not pay extra money for multiple stops and extra passenger. No matter how many passengers travel with you and how many stops and breaks you take, you pay the same affordable upfront amount to the driver hire service. 

Do you have any one good reason why hiring a taxi is a better option than Hiring a Driver ?