Our love is forbidden.

It never should be.

It is easily realized.

We both can see.

Though I can’t help myself

No more than can you.

I doubt we can hide it

From everyones view.

So what will we say?

When our love comes to light?

Will our feelings go crashing

As rumors take flight?

No one understands

It’s so hard to see.

What would you want?

With someone like me?

Could anyone think

We might fit like a glove?

Could it possible

We might be in love?

I have something for you.

You have something for me.

Does it really matter

just what that might be?

Should we consider

How others may feel?

Is what we do wrong

So our love we conceal?

It’s so hard to fight back

When you’ve done nothing wrong

Yet someone else thinks

Our love can’t belong.

T’is a world full of judgment

In which we are born.

These are the pillars

On which our love is shorn.

A little bit wormy

And it seems like some rot

But these are ideals

Our society has taught.

So do I follow rules

Of someone long dead?

Or fallow my heart

And take you to my bed?

Copyright ©2007   Rew 2007