Ford Motor announced Tuesday that the five major plants in North America will Sensor be shut down for a total of 10 weeks to ease the problem of overpricing stocks in some of the downturns.

   There are three factories in the United States, the other two are located in Mexico. The low-priced models include Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ mid-size sedans, Ford Focus compact cars, Lincoln Continental, Ford Mustang, Ford Fiesta and Ford Transit. The Cuautitlan assembly plant, which is responsible for the production of the Carnival, will be shut down for three weeks, while the Moldo Hermosillo plant in Fusion, MKZ and the production of the Continental, Mustang's Michigan Flat Rock facility will be shut down for two weeks. Production of Fox's Michigan plant Speed Sensor and production of Transit Kansas City plant will be shut down for one week and two weeks respectively. Ford official did not give the time to start the shutdown.

   Ford's five factories involved more than 15,000 employees, but Ford officials did not disclose how many factories would face temporary dismissal. As of September 1, the Ford Mustang inventory for 111 days sales, while the Fusion supply days to 87 days, Transit is reached 103 days. The Lincoln mainland, which is not sold at the dealer, is available for sale for 162 days. As consumers tend to buy pickups and SUVs and other models, Ford and GM in recent years are facing the problem of excessive car stocks. The Pressure Switch cut may have an impact on revenue, but Ford can avoid discounting the sale of inventory.