In order to obtain information from the outside world must rely on the sensory organs, in the process of information transmission, the first thing to be solved is to obtain accurate and reliable information, the sensor is to obtain the natural environment and the corresponding process of information the main way and means. Automated driving cars will become an important force in shaping future traffic, but this is not all, with the automatic driving together with the birth of super computing power and sensor technology will be more subtle influence of future traffic. The future impact Sensor of robots and AI technology is immeasurable for autopilot. For those who can help us change the way travel important elements, we must cling to not relax. Based on this, Ford specializes in the formation of robots and artificial intelligence research team, it will become an important part of research and advanced engineering departments.

   The team will focus on the future of new sensor technology, machine learning, personal mobile vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and other solutions to solve the last mile of the flight robot development, and how to make these technologies successfully enter the global market realized. Ford has invested in Argo AI, an artificial intelligence start-up company, and has established a partnership with the latter. According to Lei Feng network understanding, the two companies will continue to cooperate in the development of virtual driver system, the computing platform, sensors and algorithms are all included. In addition, Ford will continue to focus on other areas of technological progress, as long as Temperature Sensor the automatic feeding car. Argo AI will build an autopilot based on an existing virtual driver system, while the robotics and artificial intelligence research teams will continue to conduct in-depth research on the virtual driver system.

    This means that in the future you may see two independent Ford automatic driving teams on the road: one by Ford's own team, specializing in new technology research; the other is Argo AI led, responsible for the development and testing of production Of the virtual driver system. The huge potential of automating cars has attracted the attention of major companies, but automation and artificial intelligence can also be fruitful in other areas. Now, Ford in the manufacturing and logistics used in a large number of robots, the future in the complex work of the robot will become the best partner of mankind. Artificial intelligence is also useful in the future: it will become the global data analysis team super brains, support sales, marketing and financial work. Ford's new team also takes on the task of making intelligent decisions using artificial intelligence, and they also use artificial intelligence to create a more personalized user experience. The new research team will continue to maintain a good relationship between Ford and the start-up companies, these thriving young companies in the sensor, depth learning and robotics and other fields have great potential. At present, Ford and Nirenberg Neuroscience, Civil Maps Throttle Position Sensor and SAIPS and other start-up companies have established a deep relationship, and benefit from it. The collaboration between the new team and the university will continue, and on the future of robots and artificial intelligence, Ford will continue to work with top universities including the University of Michigan, Stanford, MIT and Virginia Polytechnic.

    As the first car manufacturer to participate in the DARPA Challenge, Ken believes that the tradition of 'increasing vehicle safety through increased automation' has been preserved in Ford's DNA. The formation of the robotics Pressure Switch and artificial intelligence research teams allows everyone of us to be full of energy because it specifies the direction for Ford's future. Ford wants to be a future creator, not a bystander.