If you’ve spent any time in Anchorage, Alaska, you know that it is a thriving city that boasts great attractions, amenities, employment opportunities, and reasonably good weather, not unlike many areas in the mid-west United States. Often, though, Anchorage homeowners find themselves ready to sell, whether it’s for a new job opportunity in the “lower 48” States or to be closer to family elsewhere. Selling your house can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together a few tips to help the process go smoothly and find you a buyer quickly!


Getting The Price is Right

A recent poll found that 75 percent of sellers think that their agent’s listing price is too low. Homeowners generally think that listing their house at a higher price will result in more money, but typically it just results in frustration and impatience. Remember that your realtor licensee is an expert and can be more objective than the homeowner because they see more property; he or she has experience pricing homes to sell, and to consider the condition of the market you are in at the current point in time.

Weave a Pretty Web

With an Internet-savvy generation of house hunters, almost 90 percent of buyers start their search on the web, so the more curb appeal you can show in pictures online, the better. The actual physical showing is really a “second” showing if the buyer can see enough quality photos on the internet. Even in the wintertime, curb appeal is important, such as cutting down low-hanging branches and keeping the home well lit. Be sure to plow the driveway and walkways regularly to show potential buyers that the property is well-visited. Consider painting or staining the front door for a pop of color against the white snow.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Views

Speaking of curb appeal, it’s no use going to all that work if you post low quality pictures online! While high quality photos taken by a professional can be pricier, they will help immensely in making a good first impression. Make the photographer’s job easier by clearing your space of clutter, and having your home in good condition.

Early Bird Gets the Home

Real estate happens in all seasons. It might be slower market in the wintertime, but there are buyers who haven’t had time in the busy summer to look, so good property, priced right and in good condition are given attention in any market. Many eager buyers become tired of looking at the same old listings, so when a fresh face joins the crowd, they are geared up to take a look. Your agent is valuable when an offer is presented because of their objectively. It’s important to always seek your realtor’s opinion on any offer. He or she will be able to offer you his or her expert opinion on the price and terms of the offer, leaving you to say yes or no.


An experienced realtor licensee will have the perspective to give invaluable and timely advice, saving you both time and money in the long run. Dan Wolf at Wolf Real Estate Professionals is a lifelong Alaskan with over 30 years of experience in the Anchorage, Mat-Su, and Girdwood real estate markets. For selling, buying, or any other real estate needs, contact Wolf Real Estate Professionals at (907) 248-9653, or visit us online at www.anchoragehomesearch.com or email at team@Wolfhomes.net. Or you can stay connected with us on our facebook, twitter ,google+, Pinterest , Youtube, diigo pages .