I am about to be an author!

Well, a “published” author, that is . . .

I just learned that my book about Francis of Assisi, an historic novel, will be available at Amazon sometime in the next two months, September and October. Writing it was a true labor of love. I mixed in Catholicism with Sufism and lots of Buddhism. I also introduced Francis, aka Giovanni di Bernadone, his real name by the way, to the wisdom of Kabbalah and a belief in what I call “angel therapy.”

  • For all my legal friends not yet convicted or spending time in jail, I threw in the Rule Against Perpetuity. Don’t ask me what it means. I never quite understood it in law school, but it sounded so good I created a way for Clare, Francis female side kick and saint-in-training, to use the legal maneuvering to keep his first-person manuscript hidden from public view until a fellow discovered it in a castle of some small Greek island.

Michael J Contos, writing under his father’s name, “Contoveros,” discovered the manuscript and brought it to the attention of the world.

You can read the excerpt from St. Clare’s preface here:



 Oh yeah . . . The name of the book is “Francis of Assisi, a novel approach to Lady Poverty”