2017 Frankfurt Motor Show will be officially kicked off on September 12, when the major car prices will be debut, Honda also recently announced the Frankfurt Motor Show product lineup. Honda will bring a variety of products debut in Frankfurt, including the new Sensor pure electric concept car Urban EV Concept, European version of the CR-V hybrid version and diesel version of the Civic hatchback.

    Honda new pure electric concept car Urban EV Concept will be the first time in the Frankfurt Motor Show debut, the new car indicates the future of Honda production of pure electric vehicle overall design direction. According Suction Control Valve to Honda's global goal of electricity, by 2025, two-thirds of the products sold in Europe are new energy vehicles including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles The The new pure electric concept car release, it is Honda to promote the process of an important part of the electric.
   China-made new CR-V was officially listed in July this year, and the European version of the CR-V hybrid will be in the Frankfurt Motor Show officially debut. The new car is expected to be consistent with the overall design of the domestic version of the model, the use of hexagonal chrome grille and LED light source headlights, and is expected to join the 'HYBRID' logo to highlight its hybrid model positioning. In terms of power, the new car is expected to carry the i-MMD hybrid system consisting of a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle naturally aspirated engine and a dual motor with a maximum power of 107 kilowatts and a maximum motor power of 135 kW. After the maximum integrated output power of 158 kilowatts.

     The new Civic hatchback diesel version will also be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new car in the design will continue the tenth generation of the new Civic conventional version Temperature Sensor of the overall design style, powered with a 1.6T four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, the maximum power Can reach 89 kilowatts, the peak torque can reach 299 Nm.