If you are going to hit food and wine in Italy as well as in France, here are some recommendations you need.


Italy is justly famous for its wines and its great food. So, find the most exciting places and new experiences in terms of food and wine in Italy.


There is a great selection of wines in Florence. As an example, you can experience Tuscany’s most elite wine families. Furthermore, there are many hotels for food lovers and innovative bars at this place. If you're also battling a hangover, there are many places that will get you through the day.


Bologna has obvious attractions for the world-famous wines taste. Here is a wine at the top of its class. By this way, you will be able to buy the wonderful wines in the world. On the other hand, you can try some culinary delights. You can taste some of the region’s famous vinegar as well.


There are over 100 different wines in all price ranges to try in Venice. People could try white wines that are comparable to Champagne. Also, Venice offers a wide range of restaurants and hotels across the city.


Turin offers something different in terms of food and wine. While going there, you can taste the most well-known wines like Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, Monforte, Roero, and many more. You can therefore sample one of these wines by the glass. All of these are high quality wines. Additionally, you can explore Turin's best local restaurants that offer delicious food and dishes.


It’s no surprise that France produces the best wines ever. It is in fact one of the great countries in the world that good food comes from nature unimproved. In other words, France is one of the greatest countries in Europe for food and wine. You can find below France's best places for food and wine.

Loire Valley

Sup the world’s best wines while going in the Loire Valley. The Loire Valley is an excellent spot that offers French wines and is also made to go with food. You can taste delicious food. For great wines, you can go at Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé. You can easily reach these places by hiring a premium car as offered by gpluxurycarhire.com. Also, it would be easy for you to travel from one winery to the other.


Situated in the south east corner of France, Provence has plenty of famous wine regions. There are many places that offer generous wines. Find great red wines in Bandol. You can also taste a gourmet meal at one of the best restaurants there, including Cafe de La Fontaine, Bistrot le Paradou, The Lazy Sanglier and Le Mange Tout.


If you are looking for an amazing wine, then you can go to the Chateau Lafite Rothschild, located in Bordeaux. They produce the most respected red wine in the world. However, if you want to taste an older vintage, still in Bordeaux, then the Chateau Latour can offer you that. If you want to experience Bordeaux's best restaurants, don't miss these followings spots: Belle Campagne, Le Flacon, Miles, Racines and La Cagette.


For the most luxurious accommodations and the restaurant meals, Burgundy has much to offer. There are many dishes of your choice at this place. However, for great Champagne, explore Moet and Chandon Dom Perignon where you will find out the rare vintages of Dom Pérignon Blanc and Dom Pérignon Rosé. Therefore, if you are a lover of Champagne, this is the best spot to experience.


Whether you are looking for something good or local in France, Brittany is the perfect place for you. There are the best seafood restaurants there. For example, you can head to southern Finistere to enjoy perfect seafood dinner. Also, Brittany's best restaurants come in many shapes and sizes, where you can crave cup after cup of coffee.