NVH is a comprehensive problem to measure the quality of automobile manufacturing. About one-third of the vehicle problems are related to the vehicle's NVH problem. IAV Automotive Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a global vehicle Sensor development engineering services company , With more than 6,600 engineers.

  IAV in NVH development and optimization is divided into two parts: the Department of NVH drive optimization and vehicle interior and exterior, including the seat, steering wheel jitter and other issues optimization. IAV recommends that customers perform multi-body simulations at the initial development stage to analyze which decoupling components can reduce torsional vibration and noise. From the development process, IAV will be simulation Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and measurement closely together, through the virtual and practical measurement means to more quickly solve the NVH problem.

   As the IAV is involved both powertrain and vehicle, for the NVH problem, from the root to do the powertrain simulation, cylinder cylinder head structure simulation, thus analyzing the source of vibration. The interior of the resonance key analysis, vehicle measurement, NVH problem to provide a comprehensive analysis and optimization.
  There is a lot of core technology from ADAS to unmanned driving. IAV's main research and development direction is as follows: First, sensor technology, including radar, laser radar, short-range ultrasonic radar, camera, technical difficulties is not only a single sensor technology, but also because it needs to integrate many data. Such as how the video data and radar fuel metering valve data together to monitor the front of the target to avoid collision. Followed by V2X, in addition to the perception of the vehicle itself also involves the communication between the vehicle and the surrounding environment. This communication is not only related to technology is inseparable from the infrastructure. Once again, ITS network, which includes the vehicle itself, sensing technology, V2X and the connection between vehicles and terminals, the difficulty lies in the major car car internal communication protocol is not open to the outside world, the need for government or industry associations to persuade the major depot open communication protocol Or to unify the application of the communication protocol.

   Compared to the traditional automotive research and development process, smart cars need to integrate a higher test environment. Shanghai Auto City can provide open and close to the reality of the test environment for the major OEMs in this environment for testing. IAV in the environment simulation also has the corresponding software can simulate thousands of different environments. For unmanned vehicles, we still follow the traditional car test methods.

  Company and the domestic domestic OEMs and joint venture OEMs have technical cooperation. In the field of ADAS, foreign advanced technology to localized will encounter the complexity of the domestic road and the driver's driving habits and other issues, which need to collect local data Temperature Sensor and according to local drivers to adapt to the corresponding match, the company in the test and research and development Areas have considerable experience.

  From the traditional gearbox development technology, IAV is committed to reducing the weight of the gearbox from the design point of view. We developed a multi-gear gearbox, which can reduce the number of gears by technology without reducing its gear and efficiency. For new energy vehicles, IAV battery pack design direction is to study the aluminum material, carbon fiber applications Pressure Sensor to improve the energy density ratio, thereby reducing the weight of the battery pack. In addition, the integration of the water-cooled tubing on the aluminum plate can also reduce the weight of the battery case.

In the field of internal combustion engines, domestic business accounted for about half. Lightning is a very big concept, from the engine, each generation of engines need to lose more than double digits. The application of new materials and optimization of the design is also with the OEMs and suppliers in the continuous breakthrough.
  IAV focus on new energy and hybrid vehicle R \u0026 D cost control issues. From the cost of components to analyze, IAV can provide weight, process, production processes, including the cost of each component analysis, the higher cost of parts to optimize the design, then, from the product design to control costs.
  Domestic depots sometimes to develop new products will abandon the original product, IAV that the rational use of existing product resources for reducing development costs and the latter part of the production cost is essential. In addition, how to deal with the various variables Speed Sensor in the development process and how to control the various nodes in the project management is also important to reduce the development cost.