Car fuel consumption will be inexplicable rise, many drivers mistakenly believe Sensor that the reason for the natural aging of the car, it is not true, the car fuel consumption and car age, no relationship.

  There are many reasons for the increase in fuel consumption, a problem to quickly solve, or else the more consumption, more and more expensive, so be sure to pay attention

  Do not think that tires and fuel consumption has nothing to do, when the tire pressure is too low, the tire and ground contact area is too large, it is more serious tire wear and tear, not only to increase fuel consumption, there is a serious risk of puncture. If the spark plug on the accumulation of carbon or aging, so that when the car ignition more trouble, resulting in increased fuel consumption, it is Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor recommended that every three to four kilometers when the clean up, or regularly replace the spark plug. The car intake system consists of air filter, air flow meter, throttle, intake pressure sensor, air valve and other components. Air filter and throttle is also need to be replaced regularly, or the car's intake effect is not good, a waste of oil.

   Too much oil, oil to participate in combustion, so that the combustion mixture is not complete, spark plugs, muffler and other parts of the coke, fuel consumption increased, slow growth, power down; less lubricants, will cause friction between Temperature Sensor the pieces, so Engine overheating, power down, fuel consumption increases.