Made numerous iPhone Foxconn, and now also want to try to automatically drive the car's fresh Foxconn founder and chairman Terry Gou set out in the United States to set up R \u0026 D center Sensor in Michigan plan, mainly for the automotive sector, focusing on car network and automatic driving technology.
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  Rick Snyder said that focusing on the future, intelligent travel, automatic driving cars, smart cars, in the next few decades are exciting development direction. Foxconn is very satisfied with the Michigan project on smart travel, so hope Foxconn can take this opportunity to invest in Michigan, not only invest in intelligent driving, there are many other areas. American car development is still more advanced than China, in addition to automatic driving technology, but also on the artificial intelligence and depth of learning technology is full of interest. Michigan Suction Control Valve of the United States can be regarded as the global automotive industry capital. Michigan data show that 76% of North American car research and development here, there are 27 assembly plants and 375 automotive R \u0026 D center, of which 120 car R \u0026 D center is outside the United States owned by the company. The state is the world's most concentrated area of ​​technology and engineering talent, these talent for the North American 100 car suppliers in the 63 companies, more than 14,000 manufacturing plants and more than 19% of US auto production provides human resources.

  Michigan is also the world's two major car network test site location - McCue, the United States intelligent travel center, the two together to cover the entire city and highway test scenarios. Michigan is the world leader in the development and integration of smart network vehicles, with the world's broadest test road area, with more projects than other US states. Foxconn did not automatically driving Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the upsurge of the spectators last year, this well-known foundries and the Chinese Internet giant Tencent and the harmonious car co-founded the investment fund, committed to the investment of smart electric vehicles, hatch out of the FMC and Ai Chi billion two Early creation car business.

Foxconn into the Michigan car, automatic driving industry, is facing a strong hand like a forest. This includes the US auto giant GM, Ford and Chrysler; of course, the newly formed Toyota - Mazda alliance, has plans to invest 1.6 billion US dollars Speed Sensor in the United States to build car assembly plant; in the automatic driving, there Waymo and Uber this Super opponent.