ZTE based on the latest NB-IoT chip variety of intelligent parking terminal products, including the deployment of outdoor parking in the buried geomagnetic terminal and indoor parking lot of the surface of the geomagnetic terminal, these terminals have Sensor a fast rate, data transmission delay , High real-time characteristics, to meet the city roads, industrial parks, shopping malls and residential area and other scenes of intelligent parking needs. Intelligent stop series terminal, the industry's latest multi-mode multi-frequency chip, not only to support B1 / B3 / B5 / B8 and other full-band, to meet the different needs of domestic and foreign operators network bandwidth, and support for deep coverage technology, by enhancing the power spectrum Density to cover the underground parking lot more than three layers, a substantial expansion of the intelligent parking geomagnetic terminal deployment range, but also integrated positioning function, can support GPS, Gnarlos, Compass and Galileo global navigation satellite positioning services. As a result of PSM / eDRX and other low-power design, intelligent parking terminal design life of up to 5-8 years.

  The intelligent parking system automates the management and supervision of the vehicles in the parking lot, including the operation of the parking spaces, such as the remaining parking spaces, the collection of fees, management, supervision and service, not only can reduce the vehicle owners to find the parking time, The management efficiency of the parking lot has significantly improved road congestion Temperature Sensor due to parking difficulties. ZTE NB-IoT intelligent parking commercial terminal series products have been successfully applied in many practical environments, with low power consumption, far distance coverage, ease of deployment and other advantages, its function and performance are commercial level, leading based on NB-IoT Technology of intelligent parking system into the scale of commercial stage.

  Tongshan District People's Government and the Ministry of Industry and China Electronic Technology in the Institute of Standardization, Beijing Zhongzheng Institute of Research and Research Institute signed a tripartite agreement in Xuzhou high-tech zones to build sensor technology industrial park, to further enhance the city's sensor equipment manufacturing level, The rapid development of new industries. A new generation of information technology all the information collection application of the core components, is the sensor, the sensor industry cluster, into Xuzhou hope that through such a platform to build, the domestic sensor business to do a gathering, through the incubation of this platform, import , The national brand in the sensor industry to do it. Tripartite cooperation to build sensor technology industrial park project Speed Sensor will be based on the Xuzhou High-tech Zone, initiated the establishment of not less than 50 billion yuan of the sensor industry special development fund, the joint introduction of listed companies and sensor projects, the introduction of 'China Sensor Industry Alliance' City industry alliance 'to build the sensor industry cluster.