With the automatic driving, the network car 'car hot' intensified, driving various types of sensors in the car carrying a substantial increase in the number of domestic auto electronics market also entered the development of fast lane, the rapid expansion Sensor of market size. At present, many car prices and automotive electronics companies have engaged in automotive electronics research and development. Among them, the whole science and technology as the domestic intelligent application processor SoC and intelligent analog chip design manufacturers on behalf of, from about 2010 began to get involved in automotive electronics, development to the present, all in the automotive field of focus mainly in the car network-related traffic Recorder, intelligent rearview mirror and intelligent control in three areas, and as a basis for the development of the T series and V series chip products.

   The technical aspects, all have already have high-configuration eight-core processor, advanced wafer manufacturing and packaging technology, intelligent power control and DRAM dynamic FM technology, can achieve a significant increase in chip processing capacity, and power consumption is more low. Introduced the V5 chip, for example, which integrates a new video Suction Control Valve codec technology, in the binocular video and intelligence to do a number of innovations, greatly optimized the chip algorithm speed, accuracy and human-computer interaction experience, Can meet the needs of large market monitoring and other markets. Not only that, part of the full chip products can also support a number of different areas of the application. The same is the above V5 chip, which products can also be used for security, but this product may be more than the general security chip in the intelligent identification, image recognition on some more performance. In addition, there are all announced before the launch of the new car will be the chip T7, can also be a 'core' multi-purpose.

  The future hope to give the factory to bring more intelligent, more convenient human-computer interaction experience. Such as  Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the possibility of voice control, full-angle car interaction, full-angle monitoring, virtual reality and more audio and video applications to the car inside to promote intelligent vehicle.

   We have reached a strategic cooperation with HKUST, and the two sides will further expand the scope of cooperation in business areas such as intelligent human-computer interaction technology, vehicle intelligentization and artificial intelligence technology, large data analysis and smart car network platform, So as to give customers a better experience. Network layout based Temperature Sensor on intelligent, with the automatic driving, network car 'car hot' intensified, driving various types of sensors in the car carrying a substantial increase in the number.

  The next few years, automatic driving technology will change the way travel, reduce the cost of car sharing services, and change the way consumers use the car and use.