If you join hands Ali, have launched Roewe RX5, YunOS and other products and applications, so that SAIC around the car  this intelligent 'ontology' with the technical technical emboldened. And China Mobile, Huawei tripartite cooperation framework agreement signed, it shows that SAIC for the intelligent pattern, will also expand to the automotive industry chain 'outside' - the three will jointly promote Sensor the next generation of cellular vehicle networking industry development and landing. This is the future of the auto industry changes in the future is of great significance, and SAIC or early in the automatic driving and other technology
research and development, rules and other aspects of the upper hand.

  In the World Mobile Conference site, the three cooperation, first reflected in a driver with automatic driving and remote driving iGS models, the car independently developed by SAIC, China Mobile to provide the scene for the current network communication transmission solutions, Huawei Automotive networking solutions for integration. The vehicle is based on 3GPP 5G technology Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to achieve vehicle interconnection, which also shows that SAIC and Huawei, mobile station with C-V2X technology, as a result of artificial intelligence travel and other services to enrich. In fact, the V2X car network has two technical schools: dedicated short-range communications DSRC and cellular-based C-V2X. But our country on the field of communication standards are not yetdefined, which is to limit the V2X industry continues to move forward one of the problems. Japan and Europe are also using this

technology route. It can achieve the vehicle radius of 300 meters of information exchange. Compared to DSRC's WiFi-based communication between vehicles and vehicles, the C-V2X is based on cellular networks to achieve a wider range of interactive interconnection. Ideally, the technology can Temperature Sensor have communication systems connected to the car, sharing traffic data between each other, sharing data with the surrounding infrastructure, and eliminating the need for human operation.

   5G letter technology after the popularity of the car every second to send and receive the number of information can reach 10. In this environment, not only can the data collected by the car uploaded to the cloud, but also through the cloud data distribution to other applications 5G technology car. This will allow the car to get more distance traffic information rather than relying entirely on sensor data to avoid potential accidents. In addition, the cloud network can also be a traffic accident prompted to  other vehicles, so that they plan to bypass the incident route. SAIC in the field of technology research and development has been fruitful. According to its investment Savari company, its technology has been able Throttle Position Sensor to achieve rapid analysis of the data, enough to 3 seconds before the accident to make early warning to the driver or the car itself with sufficient response time.

  Even if the speed from the competition, C-V2X technology data transfer speed almost twice before the upgrade, we can see, in the future automatic driving high-speed driving scene, efficient data transmission is essential. Obviously, after the technical standards are settled, SAIC or will enjoy some of the technical benefits in advance from the top of the design level, the State Council and the relevant ministries have issued a corresponding plan, policies and regulations are gradually implemented in the gradual definition of missing circumstances or will soon improve.

  In promoting the application of V2X level, China has a number of demonstration areas to 'multi-mode multiplication' form, the standard has not yet been established before, to ensure the smooth progress of related technologies. Intelligent network of vehicles has been elevated to a strategic height. Clearly defined V2X as the focus of the development of 'multi-source information fusion technology', 'infrastructure and common laws and regulations.' The agreement also pointed out that the three parties in 2019 can be large-scale pre-commercial intelligent travel product solutions and application services for the cooperation target, will jointly build based on C-V2X (including the current stage of 4G and the future 5G) technology intelligent travel service system And industrial ecology, in order to promote the communications industry and the automotive industry cross-industry cooperation, establish a model of industry-depth cooperation. With the implementation of the relevant provisions of the landing, supporting Pressure Switch  the development of complete industry and technology, plus 5G and C-V2X technology SAIC can seize the initiative in the automotive industry, we look forward to more answers.