The future driving assistance system is not limited to ACC adaptive cruise, lane maintenance, etc., and passive safety control is also included. Passive safety control not only extends to the analysis of vehicle motion sensor data, but also includes Sensor advanced driving assistance system radar / camera sensor data and other vehicle sensors data, which for the prevention of collision and improve the accident assessment provides a new possibility The

     Fatigue detection system through the sensor to capture the driver's pupil changes at all times, and then through the processor driver's pupil changes in the analysis and discrimination, when the system determines the driver fatigue or attention is not concentrated situation, will immediately prompt the driver by warning Stop to rest.

   The driver can use the car wireless charging system for its intelligent equipment, wireless charging, the system operation is very convenient, the device into the central console can be achieved with the vehicle's wireless connection, any kind Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of mobile device induction charging, the only requirement That is, the equipment to meet the wireless charging Union as provided by the 'Qi' standard, or upgrade to the standard.

   China's sensor market has been growing in recent years, four areas of industrial control, automotive electronics, communications electronics and consumer electronics, including industrial and automotive electronics products accounted for about 42% of market share. In addition to industrial automation systems, large-scale key projects supporting and automotive electronics, home appliances products in the application, in modern agriculture, environmental testing and management, health care and food detection market in the field of application prospects. Domestic water resources control systems and home appliances are in the traditional technology to the energy-saving emission reduction and technology upgrading of the development stage, inverter air conditioner and household vacuum cleaners, washing machines, solar water heaters, especially large-scale central air conditioner Temperature Sensor has begun to use a lot of pressure control, Temperature adjustment and other systems, but also for a variety of sensors in the home air conditioning, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, home water supply systems and other aspects of the application opened up a broad space for growth.