US Tire Brand Goodyear (given the solution designed specifically for the future of intelligent car Sensor design of the magnetic levitation spherical concept tires, simply drowned cool hanging days!

 At the recent hot Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear announced the upgraded version of the Eagle 360 ​​Urban spherical tire, which is a 360 degree rotating spherical concept tires. The upgraded version Suction Control Valve is designed for artificial intelligence with automatic driving.

At the Geneva Motor Show last year, the design of Goodyear Eagle 360 ​​spherical tires was first exposed. This year's upgraded version adds an internal computer that provides access to the computer's brain, vehicles and vehicles. Concept Tires use maglev support cars, tires and cars are not connected. Tires are also equipped with sensors that can analyze road conditions. With artificial intelligence, tires can help the car choose a better route or drive.
  There is a special tread on the outside of the tread, which can adjust the flexibility Temperature Sensor of the vehicle by adjusting the soft and hard to suit different road conditions. Even if punctured, the tire tread can also be automatically bonded with adhesive technology. Eagle 360 ​​is equipped with a large number of sensors, the tire life is also extended, even in the case of severe wear, the tire can still turn. Like the previous 360 concept tires, Urban can rotate 360 ​​degrees, increase the flexibility of the car, the car can also rotate 360 ​​degrees, parking will become very simple.

   The latest Goodyear Eagle 360 ​​Urban concept tires also show the concept of its intelligent grip, the design of tires more traditional, suitable for autopilot cars and shared cars. Because these vehicles ABS Sensor often have high mileage, Eagle 360 ​​Urban's low rolling resistance and narrow contact patch, can give the car the greatest efficiency. Tires in the sensor, you can give the car's computer system to provide information on road conditions, grip and weather data.