Unmanned vehicles in the sensor can also take preventive measures - in the event of a fault before the discovery of hidden dangers, and even planning to repair the car. The global car ownership of more than 1 billion, Google's unmanned Sensor vehicles after the popularity of the amount of data generated will be unimaginable. Google is not the only company in the development of unmanned vehicles. By 2020, the market will appear several reasonable price of unmanned vehicles. All car companies may be developing unmanned vehicles. Dutch unmanned car camera maker Mobileye has raised $ 400 million.

Google's unmanned car will generate a lot of data, it uses the data to determine the direction and speed of travel, and even based on the detection of the new cigarette butts on the road to determine that some people may suddenly 'come out'. If an unmanned vehicle generates 1GB of data per second, the amount of data generated per year will Suction Control Valve reach about 2PB (in kilobytes). This is based on 600 hours (216 million seconds) per vehicle per year.

Kosslowski disagreed with the idea that each unmanned car could generate 1GB of data per second. Although there is a lot of data between unattended car internal components, but these data will not be stored, so the data is only used by the car itself, 'some high-end cars may generate 1GB per hour users may need to analyze the data, but 1 second does not produce 1GB of such data. ' Compared with the current technology, unmanned Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor car generated data will be much larger, it is beyond doubt.

    The future car will be equipped with more infrared sensors, cameras and laser radars to detect the surrounding objects. The car can even communicate with each other to understand the speed of nearby cars and react in a timely manner when the nearby car suddenly turns or brakes. Using computer algorithms and predictive models, cars can even predict whether there are cars in the vicinity fuel metering valve of driving, and even other drivers driving levels to prevent harm. Kosslowski even expects future car-generated data to be uploaded to the cloud storage system, which the government can use to improve traffic safety.

A car with a large number of sensors will be able to detect faults in real time and take action in advance. For example, the car will promptly notify the driver of the possible risks, to prevent a greater failure. No driver intervention, the car can be booked with the repair shop maintenance, maintenance. In the future, car-collected data will help auto companies find areas that need to ABS Sensor be improved. New models listed on the sale of the time required will be greatly reduced.