Gas sensor is a kind of gas composition, concentration and other information can be personnel, instrumentation, computer and other devices used, the type includes semiconductor gas sensor, electrochemical gas sensor, catalytic combustion gas sensor, thermal conductivity gas Sensors, infrared gas sensors, solid electrolyte gas sensors, and so on. Gas sensing is not a new technology, integrated gas sensor gas detection equipment has been applied to national defense and industrial safety, the formation Sensor of a highly regulated and mature market. The air quality problems faced by human societies, as well as the growing awareness of environmental protection, have created new applications and market opportunities for gas sensors, including consumer products such as smart home, wearable equipment and smart phones, buildings and cars Air quality monitoring.

   2021 global gas sensor market size will reach 920 million US dollars, the next five years compound annual growth rate of 7.3%, of which environmental monitoring in all applications ranked third. The use of gas sensors to determine the environmental pollution situation for the atmospheric environment monitoring provides a very critical technical support, gas sensors on the one hand to help promote the air quality forecasting work, on the other hand can accurately determine the cause of weather pollution. Many enterprises Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor in the field of gas sensor layout, Zhengzhou Wei Sheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection research and development, production, sales and application of gas sensor solutions for the integration of high-tech enterprises. With the increasing air quality of the public attention, Wei Sheng Technology set up a special R \u0026 D team developed a high-end gas sensor products, the product has good consistency, stability and accuracy for air quality monitoring system, Air purification equipment, fresh air systems, air conditioning systems, smart home and other different scenes.
  Intelligent interconnection environment, the sensor application has become a systematic trend, driving a larger scale of industrial development. Gas sensors, water environmental testing sensors, soil pollution detection sensors as the environmental monitoring system of the 'three cornerstone', has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign manufacturers to enter the market. China Shanghai International Sensor Technology and Application Exhibition as the most authoritative in Asia, the highest professional, the largest sensor exhibition, ad hoc environmental sensor area, and invited Speed Sensor to the industry to come to exhibitors, to create an industrial environment, and thus promote the Industrial development.