Composite and mixed-type semiconductor gas-sensitive materials, polymer gas-sensitive materials, making these new materials for different gases with high sensitivity, high selectivity, high stability. Because organic polymer sensitive material has the advantages of rich material, low cost, simple process of film preparation, easy compatibility with other technologies and working at room temperature, it has become a hot research topic. In the sensor technology, gas sensor manufacturing process a lot, but for the characteristics of gas sensors, materials, mainly using microelectromechanical technology. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards Sensor and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, the detection of various toxic and harmful gases, the detection of air pollution, industrial exhaust gas and the detection of food and living environment quality are higher for gas sensors The request. Nano, thin film technology and other new materials development technology for the successful application of gas sensor integration and intelligent provides a good prerequisite. Gas sensors will be developed on the basis of making full use of micro-mechanical and microelectronic technology, computer technology, signal processing technology, sensing technology, fault diagnosis technology, intelligent technology and other multi-disciplinary integrated technology. It is an important research direction to develop a fully automatic digital intelligent gas sensor capable of simultaneously monitoring a variety of gases.

Microelectromechanical technology is a new technology based on microelectronics technology and micromachining technology, which is divided into micro-mechanical technology, surface micromachine technology and x-ray deep lithography electroforming (liga) technology. The key technology is corrosion technology and bonding technology, the advantages of equipment and technology is simple, but the reliability is poor; surface micro-mechanical technology using semiconductors, the use of semiconductor technology, Processing, such as oxidation, diffusion, lithography, film deposition, sacrifice layer Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and stripping and other specialized technology for processing, the thickness of a few microns, the advantages of compatibility with the ic process is good, but the vertical size is small, can not meet the requirements of high aspect ratio, The use of traditional x-ray package, thick photoresist for the mask, electroforming process, processing thickness of several microns to tens of microns, can achieve high repeatability of high-volume production The

The research and development of gas sensors is becoming more and more important because of the increasing accuracy, performance and stability requirements of gas sensors in industrial production, home safety, environmental monitoring and medical applications. With the application of advanced science and technology, the development trend of gas sensors is miniaturization, intelligent and multi-functional. Depth study and master the organic, inorganic, biological and various materials characteristics and interaction, to understand Temperature Sensor  the various types of gas sensor working principle and mechanism of action, the correct choice of various types of sensor sensitive materials, flexible use of micro-machining technology, sensitive film formation Technology, microelectronics technology, fiber technology, so that the optimization of sensor performance is the development direction of gas sensors.

  With the application of new materials, new technology and new technology, the performance of gas sensors is more perfect, so that the miniaturization, miniaturization and multi-functionalization Speed Sensor of the sensor have the advantages of long-term stability, easy to use and low price.