After the acquisition of Malaysian car prices Bao Teng completed, Geely Holdings will have Geely Automobile, Tank, Volvo, London Taxi, Po Teng and Lu Tesi six car brands, comprehensive coverage of low-end, luxury and ultra-luxury market, the main Front from China, Europe to Southeast Asia. For the acquisition Sensor of Proton brand is concerned, Geely is fancy is behind the huge potential of the Southeast Asian market. For the acquisition of lotus, Geely more attention is the Lotus project, because the Lotus project as the world's leading automotive engineering design company, for the Porsche BMW vehicle engineering design, the acquisition of Lotus project for Geely new car design is very favorable.

    Po Teng has a controlling stake in Lotus, and this is seeking to break up the Geely is not a small temptation. Proton for the meaning of the Southeast Asian market is equivalent to all of China's own brand for the meaning of Asia. Po Teng has 10,000 employees, 2 million mu of factory and an advanced test site. And its greatest value is a comprehensive and very good channel in the Southeast Asian market.

  From the Volvo in recent years to improve the operating conditions, to prove that Geely is a market insight and management capabilities of the company, the acquisition of Po Teng and Lotus will once again prove that Geely has forward-looking thinking. From the market Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor for technology, to 'going out' strategy, Geely Automobile has become a successful sample of Chinese cars. Geely's ambitions may not just Southeast Asia. If the acquisition of Volvo is an input, then the acquisition of Lotus Proton is the Chinese car as the representative of the external output. The future volume of the Southeast Asian market will reach 4.7 million, becoming the world's sixth largest market, which is a terrible market. China should seize this market.

   Geely acquisition lotus treasure for the Chinese car prices is more to play a sample role, the current Chinese car in Iran, Egypt and other markets of the vehicle assembly is a product output, the real technical output in my opinion behind Should have R \u0026 D, management, strategy and other capabilities. More should focus on the Lotus Po Teng brand technology digestion and absorption, and how to build a brand in the Southeast Asian market to start. At present, the top priority is the first to live in the Southeast Asian market base, because this is the largest brand in Malaysia, from the future development, Po Teng with Geely's intervention, its product cost-effective costs will be significantly reduced.

Geely acquired Lotus Proton, in a sense, is a new sample of Chinese cars into the world. At present, the development of China's own brand is more input, through Temperature Sensor  the introduction of foreign investment. Chinese cars are more need to be hematopoietic, while the output to form a certain amount of volume, which is most needed.