As the core of Geely Automobile's 'iNTEC Humanization Technology' technology strategy and brand, 'Intelligent Driving Technology G-Pilot' has been proposed to meet the needs of the market as a guide to the stage of intelligent driving evolution Sensor as a guide to platform configuration Architecture for the program's intelligent driving technology 10-year road map, the progressive realization of Geely's autopilot function until fully automatic driving. The unmanned as the core of the smart car, is becoming the leading car industry changes in the 'yeast', then who can first use the yeast, steamed delicious bread, - make a good product of car explosion, that is, Now the largest Chinese auto industry Aspect.

  It is characterized by advanced driving auxiliary function, acceleration and control of vehicle and emergency warning by ACC adaptive cruise, AEB automatic emergency braking, LDW lane departure warning and other functions. Will achieve Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the vehicle longitudinal and horizontal dynamics of the joint control, through multi-sensor data fusion to improve the vehicle's perception of the environment accuracy and reliability, thereby further expanding the scope of intelligent driving and to achieve part of the ability to automatically drive.
Geely is fully research and development of the next generation of highly intelligent driving platform, is auspicious intelligent driving technology to achieve another new height. Will truly become the owner of the entire smart driver, is to achieve 'car and car' the ultimate goal.

  Geely Bo Yue turned out to compete for the increasingly competitive SUV market into the fresh blood, and in a short period of time quickly occupied the market heights. In the many advantages of Bo Yue, the first concept of security identification circle embodies Geely Automobile in the field of automotive safety innovation and breakthrough. 'Safety identification circle' includes driving safety, auxiliary driving system, information assistance and security warning, take the initiative to avoid safe, passive collision safety and accident alarm and rescue six circles. And the concept of the six circle is not simple, mechanical superposition, but the main passive safety configuration of the scope of the application of exploration and progressive integration, so that occupants from the normal state Speed Sensor of the dangerous state of traffic to occur, there are Bo Yue all-round, multi-dimensional protection. As a smart interconnection boutique SUV, set good-looking, good open, good intelligence in one, and by virtue of a number of forward-looking intelligent configuration in the intelligent security, intelligent Internet, intelligent comfort field set a new benchmark for Chinese brand car, a smart Internet SUV leader.

  In the past authoritative safety test, Bo in the speed of 10 km / h, 20 km / h, 30 km / h driving state, its equipped with the city pre-collision system can quickly respond to easily deal with emergencies, the first time To ensure the safety of occupants. When the collision on the occasion of the occasion, 'take the initiative to avoid safe' circle of urban pre-collision system can turn the tide, lock the car from the limit, the radar from time to time to determine the distance before the collision in the distance of 1.5 seconds, Geely Bo will automatically point Brake, alarm; in the distance of 1 second, the forced braking. In 2016 C-NCAP third batches of security crash announced the results, Geely Bo with 58.2 high score in one fell swoop refresh 15 version of C-NCAP test standard SUV model records, beyond BMW, Ford and other joint venture car brand.

   Geely always uphold 'make every person's fine car' development mission, adhere to the user as the center, to provide high-quality, high-tech, high value-added products. In the future, Geely Pressure Switch will light at the tip of the tower, the benefit of mankind. '