During the test drive for about an hour, the crew allowed the CT6 sedan to drive automatically for a few minutes each time, and the CT6 sedan was loaded with part of the autopilot technique to complete the brakes and acceleration without human intervention. High-end version of the 2018 Cadillac CT6 on the part of the autopilot technology is called Super Cruise. This technique allows the driver Sensor to leave his hand from the steering wheel, leaving the throttle and the brake button. The current technology is only suitable for driving on the highway, and not suitable for use in the urban areas, which require more people to deal with the road more.

   Super Cruise is a transitional stage towards full self driving. At present, Super Cruise is the most advanced technology in the field of automatic driving. Its function is similar to that of Tesla's Autopilot system, which requires the driver Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to be vigilant and occasionally to guide the autopilot. It also adds to the new security features that US federal regulators want car manufacturers to use to provide additional protection for drivers.

    Super Cruise is the product of the increasingly fierce competition in the field of autopilot. The ultimate goal of General Motors is to have a fully automatic driving ability of the car, you can achieve the driver does not carry out any operation, but sitting fuel metering valve in the car will be taken to the destination. General Motors is developing autopilot systems for remote electric car Chevrolet Bolt, but the system is still available for years.