In the automatic driving car production, Tesla took the lead, becoming the industry benchmark, but Tesla's small scale is becoming a weak, including Toyota, GM, Ford, Nissan, etc., the traditional auto giant in the field Sensor of automatic driving is catching up The Global auto giant US General Motors released an automatic driving car, known as 'the world's first large-scale mass production of automatic driving car.'

    The autopilot is manufactured at the Orion plant in Michigan, where the vehicle is equipped with sensors, computing devices and redundant systems for automatic driving that can support autopilot without human drivers, but the autopilot software is further refined. in. The first batch of production is not high for 50, but GM said that the car design process to ensure that the production line Suction Control Valve to achieve large-scale manufacturing. GM has modified the autopilot so that it can be mass produced in an existing factory, which is to produce a complete car instead of installing the autopilot component into an existing vehicle. For GM's 'world first' description, other autopilot car companies may hold objections.

   The traditional automotive industry is relatively unfamiliar with the automatic driving technology, often need to rely on the acquisition to catch up. Last year, GM spent hundreds of millions of dollars, the acquisition of San Francisco's automatic driving research and development company 'cruise automation company', and now the marriage of the two companies have achieved results. In California, more than 30 companies have access to licenses for autopilot tests, but GM is not a test vehicle, but a finished vehicle that will be able to make large-scale manufacturing through Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor a production line. Kyle Vogt, co-founder and chief executive officer of the cruise company, said it was a huge step forward from a prototype car to an exhibition to a finished product that could be mass produced.

   In the field of automatic driving, Tesla is currently in a leading position, the company produced all the cars are equipped with automatic driving function, and in the event of a cause of death after the death of Tesla upgraded autopilot system, security and functionality more perfect. Tesla launched the Volkswagen Model 3 received a volume of 500,000 booking, the current began to intensify production. Tesla in the automotive industry is still a small company, annual sales and GM, Toyota and other giants are not on a grade above. The above-mentioned general models, whether in the yield on the anti-Tesla, is still unknown. Chrysler also joined the tide of autopilot, but not yet mass production and sales. Waymo will install autopilot hardware and software on a recreational vehicle in Chrysler. Chrysler has produced 100 cars last year and plans to deliver 500 cars in the future. But at present, Waymo this model is still on the road test stage, whether the future for consumer sales, or direct launch of unmanned mobile car service, is still unknown.

    General car, the basic model is to get the market welcome electric car Chevy Bolt, but its parts have been a lot of changes, the first batch of finished cars will appear in the streets of San Francisco. The next few weeks, cruise companies Temperature Sensor  will use these automatic driving cars, the introduction of mobile car test, the company employees can use the smart phone called the car. Previously, the cruise company had signed a cooperation agreement with Lyft, the future may be provided to the Lyft unmanned car as a car.