The German parliament has passed a bill by the Ministry of Transport to amend the existing road traffic laws to allow a highly or fully automated driving system to replace the human self-propelled, giving it the same legal position as the driver. As the world's first country to automatically drive cars into the road traffic regulations, Germany has Sensor been praised by many media, 'once again standing in the automotive industry's leading position' for the German auto industry to become a pioneer in the field of automatic driving lay a solid foundation.

  This is a small step in the German government, but it is a big step in the field of automatic driving legislation. Compared to the American law of automatic driving, Germany's new regulations require more stringent: in any case, the driver must sit in the driver's seat, to prevent the need to take over the control of the car. In addition, due to traffic accidents are still possible, the regulations require the car must be equipped with black box system, in order to record the car accident occurred, the control of the car is a person or a computer. If the driver is driving, the driver will be responsible for the accident liability; if it is automatic control system to control the vehicle, the system failure caused by a car accident, the car manufacturer should be responsible for compensation. When the driver re-acquires the control of the vehicle, how is it necessary to transfer the agreement time? In order Suction Control Valve to ensure that the driver is able to concentrate on the traffic situation, whether the mobile phone and the tablet connected to the car should be suspended when the driver starts to drive the car The In order to avoid the repetition of the tragedy of Tesla, the automaker must explain to consumers what circumstances the car is difficult to deal with or will be wrong, requiring the driver to take the vehicle in time to regain the right to travel.

  Some German auto industry concerns about the implementation of the new regulations, they believe that the implementation of the new regulations within the short term, the German traffic accident rate or will show an upward trend. For example, before the new regulations are implemented, if the driver is in a heart attack, the car will decelerate himself and signal it; but now the intelligent driving device will take care of the driving right of the vehicle and keep the driver when the driver does not operate the steering wheel Of the driving state, until a certain situation to take parking measures, this time may have been an accident. Tesla is called 'autopilot' is the second level Temperature Sensor of auxiliary driving function, but this causes some consumers to misunderstand that it is safe enough, so that the line of sight deviated from the road to the tragedy. In order to avoid the recurrence of such incidents, the Continental Group launched the 'cruise driver' only in the automatic driving to the driver to make recommendations.

  Although the autopilot system will improve road safety, the auto insurance industry will face a huge challenge in the early stages of the automacy: the maximum amount of compensation for car insurance may increase significantly, with the maximum amount of compensation for personal injury raised to 10 million euros, The maximum amount of compensation for property losses will increase to € 2 million. The bill clearly stipulates ABS Sensor that the same policy to cover vehicles and passengers will give autopilot car manufacturers and software developers to exert more pressure, because they must be in the event of an accident liability.