Bhutan is a bird’s paradise and delight for bird lovers and ornithologists.Bhutan admits foreign tourists to offer its reach birdlife owing mainly to its undisturbed habitat. Year on year there is a huge flow of tourist,  ornithologists, researchers keep on improving due to migratory bird and the bird list grows longer as more areas are explored.

Support for large habitat -

Bhutan holds on to its forests and it is almost intact. The forest cover is about 60 to 65 percent of the country’s area. Bhutan Bird Watching Tour in the unharmed, prehistoric forests is a unique experience. Bhutan’s forests are unspoiled and diverse and Bird Watching Tour in such give the opportunity to have glimpses of diverse, rich and lovely habitat, most of the countries breeding birds, globally threatened birds, and Bhutan’s restricted-range birds. You can encounter with the magnificent Ibisbill, Fire-tailed Myzornis and other stunning and little known Himalayan species in your Bird Watching Tour in Bhutan.

Natural climatic zones -

To get a long list of birds, it is important to visit as many zoo-geographic zones and habitats as possible.Bhutan is well-off in birdlife owing mostly to its undisturbed habitat. Altitudinal variations, therange of climatic zones from subtropical to Alpine, combined with vast tracts of uninhabited areas with bio-diverse forests, scrubland, wetlands, and agricultural land near habitations,make Bhutan a bird watchers delight. Bird watchers must glad to know that, possibly 800 recorded species of birds are found in Bhutan. Good-quality forest with mature trees and well-developed under story-especially subtropical forest, warm and cool broadleaved forests, oak, fir and hemlock forestsis likely to be a good area for bird watching. The areas listed below are readily accessible

Best birding Site-

Tour operators establish suitable birding sites to create Bird Watching Tour for bird watchers.  Tour operators have their cost-effective itineraries that offer to cover some of the exciting birding sites keeping in mind constraints of movement, infrastructure, time, and local conditions.  The best time to take the benefit from Bhutan Bird Watching Tour  is from early November to end of May every year.These cover some of the best birding sites thatare readily accessiblein Bhutan.

•Forests along Road from Sengor to Lingmethang,  Senior (3050m) to Namling (2360m)

•Namling (2360 m) to Yongkhala (1700 m).

•Yongkhala (1700 m) to Lingmethang (650 m)

•Forests along Road from Narphung la to SamdrupJongkar, Narphung la (1700 m) to Deothang (850 m)

•Deothang (850 m) to SamdrupJongkhar (250 m)

•Forests along Road from Rimchu to Tashithang, Mo Chu Valley North of Punakha (1700 m) JigmeDorji National Park

•Mo chu valley 5-6 km North of WangduePhodrang (c.1300 m).

•Tashithang (1700 m) to Laya (3850 m) JigmeDorji National Park

•Tashithang (1700 m) to Damji (2430 m)

•Damji (2430 m) to Gasa (2770 m)


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