For keeping things safe from theft and damage a lockable storage box is often the best solution. However, with so many varieties deciding on one can be a little confusing. So here are the basics you need to know to get started right.

Plastic vs. Metal
There are many different boxes to choose from, but for the most part when shopping you’ll see that they are manufactured either from plastic or metal. So how do you know which material to choose? Well to answer this you should really think about where it’ll be used and what will be inside. For the most part the majority of plastics boxes are very tough and also weatherproof. For these reasons a lockable plastic storage box is the best choice for outdoor storage but of course it can be used inside as well if you want to keep things dry and protected. Metal boxes are smaller and usually used with items like cash and valuables along with important documents. This is because they offer more security.

Locks, Locks, Locks
Another difference between plastic and metal options are the locks. While it’s not always the case, usually with plastic boxes you will need to purchase a lock on your own. This is often preferred by consumers since they can use any type they wish as long as it fits. A metal lockable storage box on the other hand usually comes with a lock that is built-in. These can have a dial combination, use a key, code, or can even be biometric and use a fingerprint scan. Of course there are a few metal options as well that will not have any lock whatsoever and need a padlock. It really depends on the model you select.

Two Items That Always Should Be Locked Away
While many people choose to use boxes for valuables like cash and jewelry along with for safe storage in general there are two items that every homeowner should make sure are locked up tight. Handguns need to be kept secure not just to prevent them from being stolen but to keep them from being used by anyone other than their owner.

Luckily manufacturers offer metal gun boxes made from heavy gauge steel that are more than adequate for the job and also very convenient to carry. Medicines also need to locked away so that kids can’t accidentally take them thinking they are candy and to keep out teens and adults with addictions. Having either a gun box, lockable storage box for medication, or better yet both, can keep not only what’s inside safe but those you love out of dangerous situations as well.

Regardless of what you are planning on keeping inside, there is a lockable storage box that can provide the security and convenience you are looking for. Both plastic and metal offer options that are designed to please even the pickiest of consumers. Just be sure to take your time and consider the above info to get started out right.

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