When it comes to gifting newlyweds, housewarming ceremonies, anniversaries and milestone birthdays, the choices are aplenty. But furniture and home décor gifts are the most convenient and generous thing to gift as they become a beautiful part of your home, and who wouldn’t want something that celebrates the space that they live in?

Especially for newlyweds and house warming ceremonies, it is always thoughtful to present curio, décor or a small piece of furniture, as both occasions serve as a first step into a new home and new life.

Of course, buying large sets of furniture or cutlery as gifts can be expensive. Here is where pooling of money comes into the picture. If you’re a part of a friends’ circle attending a wedding or a group of grandchildren planning to gift your grandparents for their 50th anniversary, it’s always advisable to pool in money and buy something grand, like a wine storage cabinet, vintage bookshelf, a grandfather clock or an intricately designed lamp.

It is also important to keep in mind the stage of life the person is when you plan to gift furniture or home décor to them. Other important things to remember are the person’s hobbies, interests and tastes.

Here are some generous gifting ideas to the people you love:

Cushion Covers

These are quirky and fun loving gifts to give people who love a splash of colour and lots of cushions. Cushion covers bright up the living space or bedroom space and if anything, makes it comfortable too.

Bright and Colourful Curtains

Curtains are both a necessity as well as something that complements the décor you have. When light passes through them, they lighten up the house, balconies or windows. Semi-transparent and thin material are recommended as gifts, as it is purely for aesthetics.

Lazy Boy Chair

Most people call the Lazy Boy a reclining chair, as well. The Lazy Boy chair is a perfect gift for grandparents or parents to rest and relax on. It is a useful furniture item for the household as well. Since these types of lounge chairs may be expensive, it’s good idea to pool in the money among friends or family members before purchasing it.


Plants are a sign of regeneration and growth and hence are an ideal home décor item for newlyweds and housewarming gifts. Small and easy-to-take-care-of plants like money plants, bonsais or cacti are some good recommendations.


Vintage or quirky bookshelves are a star gift for voracious readers. A book shelf possibly the best gift you can give them. Neatly stacked bookshelves are home decors by themselves, as they look like a wall full of colours.

Centre Table

A fancy glass top centre table is all you need to draw eyes. Many centre tables with glass tops and intricately carved stands are ideal for grand gifts, particularly anniversaries.


If you’re close to someone, gifting them bed, table top and other types of linen is a blessing in disguise. No one can do with too much of linen and it is the most essential component that adds that pop of colour to your furniture. Linen is always a good idea.

Kitchen Sets

This is probably one of the classiest gifts you can present, sparing newlyweds and families moving into their new homes, the trouble of buying new kitchenware.

Bathroom Sets

Paying attention to your bathroom says a lot about you. Who wouldn’t want to walk into a bathroom filled with fragrance soaps, towels, moisturisers, coloured bathroom curtains and toilet covers? It’s the most vital detailing one needs to inculcate in their homes. Gifting them would only instigate the receivers to carry on the habit.


Clocks come in various different shapes, sizes and colours and ideal for the friend who always seems to be running late!


Beautiful lamp shades, tripod lamps and table lamps are a way to light up your receiver’s life and home. Moreover, it’s a beautiful complement to the décor in your home.