. Lunch included.After the visit, we will continue by road towards Jodhpur, a city located almost on the edge of the desert of Thar. Jodhpur is also known as the "Blue City" since most houses in the old part of the city is painted blue. The fortresses and palaces, temples and havelis, culture and tradition, spices and fabrics, color and texture all add to the charm of this historic city. However, upon arrival we will move to the hotel.  But not only with "the Golden Triangle" does a trip to India complete. Exploring more of its colorful province of Rajasthan is a sensory journey that is done with the body, nose, mouth, and ears all the time. Golden Triangle Tour with Jodhpur is most amazing.

The best choice was to continue my journey to the beautiful Jodhpur which, with more than a million inhabitants, was revealed to me calmer and without all the tourist frenzy of Jaipur. Located near the Thar Desert, Jodhpur has an eclectic history, mixing Rajput dominance and Mughal invasion with millionaire princess who transformed the pole into the national passion. With the old city, within the walls, with its houses painted blue (from which comes its nickname of blue city), and the incredible market of the clock tower, with very narrow streets full of people, cars, and motorcycles, at the foot of the Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur wins the hearts of tourists.

The sloping streets of the old city lead to the Mehrangarh Fort, located at the top of the mountain and visible from almost every point of Jodhpur in golden Triangle Tour 5 days. Also known as "Citadel of the Sun", it is the most important tourist attraction of the city, the best-preserved monument and it keeps stories of the Rathor, dynasty of the Maharajas who live there. But, after the fort, there is no attraction more sought after by those visiting Jodhpur than the Sardar Market (or clock tower market). Contrary to other Indian markets, it is super organized and easy to visit, with goods separated by items in different areas, from the traditional bracelets of the city to the spices.


In addition to the huts, in their narrow streets full of dust, each door and window reveal craftsmen who make flowers, dressings, carpets, shoes. In all cases, bargaining is mandatory. And it is precisely there, in the "chaos" of the old city and right next to the market, is the small gem of Jodhpur hotel: the new Raas hotel, which occupies the former property (haveli) of a Thakur Rajasthani), blending with flamboyant buildings that span the hotel's rooms, with a perfect design between traditional Rajput architecture and very contemporary touches. The first boutique hotel in Jodhpur has 39 rooms, of which 35 have a panoramic view of the fort. Two excellent restaurants -Baradari and Darikhana-; the service, very good and unobtrusive, and the beautiful spa complete their attractions. So, when are you taking the Golden Triangle Tour with Amritsar .