There seem to be two camps when it comes to humans and changing ourselves: 1) People can't/don't change 2) Pleople can and do change.  I'm firmly in the latter camp as my  personal experience is one of change...not just adapting to what life threw at me but proactively taking a look at who I am and choosing to make changes.  Lose some habits and establish more positive ones.  

One of the biggest obstacles we face in doing this is our own negative 'self-talk'.   Tho I submit that it is often not totally self talk, if we really examine the negative beliefs we have about ourselves we can often trace our disapproval of how we do something back to the reaction or pronouncements of some adult in our  childhood.  In the article I'm about to share it was a teacher who made a very thoughtless statement. Common, parents and relatives are other common sources of our negative self-talk.  I'm posting this because I think someone may need the specific guidance offered. I've used most of these techniques myself (tho meta-thinking, thinking about how I think, how my opinions form, was also a huge help) and they  work...if you do. You have put  some effort into it...partly because habit is so powerful.  And hopefully it will spark some discussion about becoming a mindful, proactive human being.