Google's unmanned car company Waymo get a new patent, that is, unmanned driving if the inevitable impact before Sensor the body will be adjusted by their own body to reduce the hardness, become relatively soft, thereby reducing the accident injury and body damage.

The patent indicates that the impact of the vehicle is the main cause of casualties in a car accident, and it is necessary to design a car that can reduce the impact. Google Unmanned Vehicle patented flexible body material, when the vehicle through the sensor in time Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to perceive the surrounding objects, when the predicted pedestrian or object collision with the body, it will automatically release or cut off the bottom of the car cable, at the same time, Bumper, cover and side panels will be based on the collision with the body of the object speed, direction or even type, to reduce the body hardness. But the current patent does not involve the safety of car personnel.

   Prior to the patent, Waymo conducted a sensor system test for its unmanned vehicle. Tested the Google unmanned car on the motorcycle, ambulance, police cars, fire engines perception. Google said the latest sensor can perceive the distance is twice before, no car can also be judged by the car whistle to the car direction, at the same time, through a specific visual system, you can Temperature Sensor more clearly identify the road on the emergency vehicles.