Hi, my name is Amelia, a graphic designer from UK; I had undergone a right hip replacement surgery in India. Some three years ago, I started waking up with a lot of pain in my right hip. At first I took the over-the-counter pain medication, but when the pain started impacting my daily activities, I consulted an orthopedic surgeon. After undergoing some tests, the doctor agreed that I should get the injections. The first one worked really well for three to four months and the second one helped for a shorter period of time, but the third one hardly did help with the pain. So I was suggested to undergo a hip replacement surgery as eventually I could barely walk and the hip pain was impacting my work. The long waiting time and the highly expensive surgery made me search for viable options. A friend of mine recommended me your medical value group in India as she had already got her surgery through them. After listening to her experience I decided to get a consultation from them.

I contacted them asking about the hip replacement surgery and the cost and time it will take for the complete procedure. They asked me to send my reports so that it will be studied by their experts who will then provide their opinion as per my condition. After a series of conversation with them over the mails and phone, finally I decided to undergo my Low cost Hip Replacement Surgery in India. My mother accompanied me for this surgery in India. An official of this medical value group received us at the airport and escorted to the hospital. All the fears I had about the surgery subsided since the doctor comforted me before the surgery. My surgery went well and the recovery process went smoothly. The doctors were kind and the nurses and hospital staff very quite caring. I had to spend few weeks at the rehabilitation. I am happy to take this decision since this surgery has changed my life. Now, after some two years and a few months I am not in pain anymore and can do the daily activities as before. You guys are going such an amazing job, God Bless! I would recommend you to anyone planning to get their surgery from highest quality medical services at such an affordable cost.

Thanking You,