I recently had the opportunity to show my appreciation to a young lady who has been the best friend to my daughter Linda since middle school.  I didn’t realize how long ago those shy little girls started hanging out together until I read all the postings on their Facebook page.  There was one picture that transported me back to a time of their innocence that made me very emotional.  My daughter was handing Linda a red rose as I captured the scene with my first digital camera.  They looked so cute hanging out together.  I knew it was a tough time for Linda because her father was not expected to live to the end of that month because he had end-stage prostate cancer.  I don’t know if they grasped the real significance of how final that would be, but they laughed and talked about school and boys, and once in a while, Linda’s face would cloud over, and my daughter would give her a hug. 

Now, they are two of the finest women I know.  It’s been years since they finished college together and went their separate ways, each making strides in her chosen profession.  Linda teaches middle school children and my daughter is a bilingual counselor for a non-profit.  When I heard that Linda asked Denise to be her maid of honor for her upcoming nuptials, I was so happy, but not surprised.   I thought long and hard about the gift I wanted to give.  Then I remembered that American Express sells gift cards, and that was the perfect solution to my problem.  I bought one with a beautiful bouquet of roses on it.  But I shopped the site through Groupon to take advantage of the deals they offer.  I found that I had enough reward points to use a Groupon code to get the card.  It will be a welcomed gift that will help furnish their new home when they return from their honeymoon in Las Vegas.

But I’m most grateful that I’ve lived to witness a friendship that has endured and become stronger as these remarkable young women have faced life’s ups and downs.   Shortly after Linda’s dad passed away, her mother died of breast cancer.  My daughter’s father has been bed-ridden from a stroke for nearly a decade.   Judging by the smiles and hugs these two are giving each other in the wedding photos, they have many more years of friendship ahead.