Unique Madrid apartment has adaptable interior

Spanish architects Elii recently completed a loft apartment refurbishment in Madrid. Called Didomestic, the project  focused on maximizing flexibility and storage space, with interesting results.  The 613 sq ft apartment contains a staircase, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and utility areas.

Elli integrated several trap doors into the ceiling of the main living space, which are accessed with wall-mounted handles and pulleys.

Once  operated, furniture such as a picnic bench, swing, hammock, additional shelving can be lowered into the room. The floor  area also contains trap doors which create a rudimentary dressing room and offer additional storage space.

To get a better idea of Didomestic, check out the video below.



source: http://www.imagensubliminal.com/content/obra/067-didomestic#