In recent years with the domestic brands in the technology, brand, service on the upgrade, 'ascribed' has become a piece of heart disease of their own brand, the saying goes, 'the name of the brand, Sick to see a doctor, no disease toss, 'in the' high 'on its own brand can be described as predecessors. Haver H6 to sell Well, the first half of the year to sell 226567 vehicles, but the 'high' model Hover H8 only sold 3797 in the first half, the average monthly sales of more than 600 vehicles, compared with the same family of Harvard H6 is really A heaven Sensor and earth on a ground, and this can also be seen when the domestic brands in the overwhelming sense of powerless, but only just one of these miniatures, the other like Chuan Qi GS8, Changan CS95 also face the same problem, 20 Million or so of the region has become almost independent of the prohibition of the brand.

  Domestic brands meet the threshold after the surprise, apparently aware of the original has been competing in the low-priced brand to be high, although in quality, service with the product with the original product has improved, but long-term low-cost brand Operation so that they can not enhance the product to enhance people to re-understanding of the brand, so create a luxury brand to deal with has become the choice of domestic brands.

  Geely and the Great Wall's new luxury brand: LYNK \u0026 CO (collar grams) and WEY (Wei), two new brands are positioning in the high-end, targeting more than 150,000 car consumer market. The first difference is the brand product positioning. Great Wall Motor's Harvard SUV has been the leader of domestic SUV, this point we from the Hover H6 long years to occupy the SUV sales list to know, and the Great Wall boss Wei Jianjun also said 'SUV does not do the world first, do not consider the introduction of the car' In the future will not only have SUV, as well as cars, sports cars Temperature Sensor and new energy vehicles, as well as the new car, as well as the car, And even do not rule out the possibility of the future launch of MPV, which also shows that LYNK \u0026 CO brand is still taking the whole area of ​​the road covered, which is different from the Great Wall WEY brand.

  Brand of dependence, WEY brand since the date of release has never been the Great Wall (Harvard), WEY's future market but also by the Great Wall (Harvard) to promote, WEY development is built on the Great Wall and the Great Wall of the well-known On the other, especially in recent years in the market all the way through the triumph of the Harvard brand will become the best market support WEY brand, relying on the Great Wall and Harvard's WEY can maximize the mobilization of the advantages of resources. WEY brand dealers will be the first in the existing, sales ability of the Harvard brand dealers in the selection. LYNK \u0026 CO's self-introduction is personality, open, interconnected global brand LYNK \u0026 CO, from Sweden, by the European R \u0026 D design, integration CMA architecture, made in China ... ... from the These keywords look, LYNK \u0026 CO is to leave Geely 'go it alone', and the future sales system will be with the Geely divide and rule. In fact, we all know that LYNK \u0026 CO and Geely's relationship, but also know that its application platform and technology ABS Sensor and the origin of Volvo. But LYNK \u0026 CO completely with Geely left another start, from some point of view LYNK \u0026 CO and the concept of some similarities.

  WEY as far as possible close to the Great Wall with the success of the distance between the brand Hover, the use of Harvard's original influence and then attract a group of high-end users to go, in terms of WEY there is a natural dependence with the foundation; and LYNK \u0026 CO more Is a balance between Geely and Volvo, with the help of Volvo shared technology platform to improve the gold content of LYNK \u0026 CO also opened auspicious, to go with a joint venture between the brand in a depth of the contest. One is to open the market with products and channels, one is driven by the brand market, the difference between the two or more obvious. Geely and the Great Wall of the WEY are combined with the needs of consumers in the situation, on the basis of the original launch of the new economy to meet the growing needs of the national consumer, especially Pressure Switch as a vehicle has long been to meet the people of the vehicle The initial demand, medium and high demand in the case of increasingly strong domestic brands have been imminent, and this time the introduction of a new brand is to meet the market, the second is the future development of enterprises and the development of certain certainly have played a full The role.