Great Wall car 'single retreat' walk achievements Harvard brand, the Great Wall of the annual sales, the Harvard SUV to occupy the company up to about 90% of sales. In the first eight months of this year, Harvard SUV sold 528,800 units, accounting for 86.6% of the overall sales of the Great Wall Motor. Also confirms the Wei Jianjun 'Hover SUV does not do the world's first, do not consider Sensor the introduction of the car,' the rhetoric. As the roof of Harvard, Harvard H6 long-term lead SUV sales charts, accounting for nearly 70% of sales of Hover. Can be said that not just a single leg, but 'single toe' walk, and really powerful. However, the quality of Harvard has been worrying.

   September 25, the Chinese Consumers Association sent a letter to investigate the Great Wall Harvard car, has been jitter, abnormal problems plagued, and even embarked on the road of moral rights of the Haver owners, and finally see the dawn of victory. Part of the media and consumers to reflect the Chinese Consumers Association, the Great Wall of the company produced Harvard H2, Harvard H6 car jitter, abnormal sound problems, and many maintenance is still not completely resolved. According to the provisions of Article 37 of the Consumer Protection Law, the Great Temperature Sensor Wall Company will contact the Chinese Consumers Association within seven working days after receiving the letter and send the relevant information to the association. And provide the appropriate solution.

   From the third-party complaints agency car network of complaints data analysis, independent brand SUV models, Harvard H6 complaints in the past year topped the top position, and Hover H2 ranked 14th. Hafu H6 is the main problem with the brake sound abnormalities, the transmission abnormal sound, the transmission can not shift, air conditioning abnormal sound and so on; Hover H2 main problem Throttle Position Sensor is the engine jitter, abnormal sound, idling instability and so on, and many maintenance still can not solve it completely. Domestic sales champion god car Hover H6 why will fall by the Chinese Consumers Association sent a letter investigation, can only say that the quality is a scourge ah.