At this year's 67th Frankfurt Motor Show, WEY brand released its four new models, including two hybrid models VV5s-Hi4 and VV7s-Hi4. In addition, the most notable is undoubtedly Sensor the first plug-in hybrid models P8 and a equipped with automatic driving up to L4 level pure electric concept car XEV. It is worth noting that this is the first time since November last year, WEY brand debut in the international auto show.

  VV7 as WEY's first production models, since April this year, sales performance since the steady increase in June 3166, July 6075, in August reached 7197. In this regard, Yan Si said that at this stage of sales data beyond the established goals at that time. Any new product or a new car company wants to gain a firm foothold is bound to face many difficulties. And now for the WEY brand, is to be in their own market segments on the steady, they have to do is to belong to their product price range to provide customers with the best quality products, while allowing them to buy the most cost-effective, Can afford a product.
WEY brand has always stressed the focus is safe. In the near future VV5 listed Suction Control Valve on the scene, in order to perfect display VV5 security, as the brand CEO Yan Si personally involved in the top of the body stress test link - sitting on a roof carrying 6 tons of heavy containers VV5 Inside the car.

  When it comes to Audi, people often think of technology, one said BMW, the user is willing to talk about its manipulation, and often said that Mercedes-Benz people will think he must be luxurious. It can be seen that each luxury brand seems to have its own attribute label, in the WEY brand was established early, security is the first, but this is certainly not enough. VV7 and VV5 since the debut has been listed, its amazing and slightly exaggerated shape enough to attract the attention of consumers. In this regard, Yan think that, in addition to body safety, the vehicle's design for the recognition of the outside world also has a very important role. Who will buy a ugly not, just because it is the safest car in the world? Therefore, in addition to security, but also have some other characteristics. Such as modeling, if you look particularly ugly, your interior do no matter how good, you simply do not have the opportunity to let consumers want to see you in the car's interior is what kind of. So a particularly stunning design ABS Sensor is certainly particularly necessary. And if the appearance is particularly good, open the door to see a look at the interior no bright spot, this product is no one will go to buy.

  Recently, many countries have announced the next few years will be the ban on traditional fuel vehicles, new energy is undoubtedly the future of the automotive industry to follow the direction of development, and China can be said to lead the development trend of new energy electric vehicles and trends. In this regard, Yan said that because China's car ownership is large, so on the electric car industry, if China has made a huge strategic adjustment, then the rest of the world will follow. And WEY in the Frankfurt Motor Show to bring surprises is undoubtedly its layout for the new energy market, pure electric concept car XEV WEY in the field of future development direction. Equipped with matrix charging technology, life mileage of up to 530 km, L4 stage of the automatic driving technology are XED show the highlights.

  WEY brand in the new energy market which there is a certain disadvantage, because compared to Toyota, Tesla these early in the field of new energy distribution of the leading car prices, WEY for the development of new energy market is starting later Is the so-called good rice is not afraid of late In the strict view, the current WEY is 'at the right time to do the right decision', more fortunately, in the right direction in a breakthrough, that is, we continue to optimize the battery architecture and lightweight design The In addition to the aerodynamic Speed Sensor and rolling resistance, the body weight is also one of the important factors affecting life, 100 km of power consumption and car weight there is a positive correlation. That is, the heavier the car, the higher the power consumption, which resulted in the car mileage will certainly have a certain degree of reduction, and mileage is undoubtedly the user to buy the pain point. In this regard, WEY measures taken is to ensure the safety of vehicles under the premise of individual parts and battery materials to optimize and improve, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss of the vehicle itself. At the same time will save a lot of resources. 'Weight loss is not only a problem for car prices, but also a problem for countries that are supplying energy, and if more than one resource can be reduced per vehicle, it can produce more cars.

 Facing the future of globalization and competition, in the strict thinking, 'the top of the pyramid is undoubtedly the German car prices.' Step by step, downstart real car. People as its name, which is Yan thinking for the future development of WEY brand to achieve the views of globalization. Analysis of the pros and cons of the development of globalization, Yan Si said, 'When we are ready to enter a market, we must first understand the needs of this market, but also to prepare the layout of the dealer network.If once the first time to enter the failure, Then the second chance is difficult to have a breakthrough or difficult to succeed. 'Take into the US market, for example, the United States for fuel consumption, environmental protection and related laws and regulations have a very stringent requirements. 'We need to do is pay attention to detail, but also do a special extreme, in the early have to do enough research work.' WEY now need to be steady, and the first is to do a good job of Chinese consumers and products , As long as the recognition and ownership of local users, the development of globalization is a matter of course. And Yan Si I also all reveal the importance of the Chinese market and consumers. In terms of product delivery, customers in Europe and the United States may still need to wait for some time, while the Chinese customers Throttle Position Sensor  are the highest priority. WEY brand first to meet the Chinese market, to meet the Chinese customers on the basis of, will enter the next market to break through and continuous progress.
   WEY as an international brand, certainly in the global competition with other brands, but the first thing to consider is realistic. WEY brand first to face is the Asian car prices to compete, and then according to changing circumstances and North America, Europe and finally the German car prices to compete, the goal is to step by step development, to be realistic at the same time also To have a certain degree of their own challenges.