Fellows, it is sad about true – times are changing. A daily shave and brushing your teeth no longer constitutes as grooming. If you want to be a sophisticated, modern gentleman, you are going to need to upgrade the items in your bathroom cabinet. Although it may seem like a hassle, many of the options available to guys these days are quite helpful. Not only do they keep you looking good, they can actually help solve many of the problems you may be suffering from. Here are some of the items that you simply cannot live without anymore: 

Face Wash 

Think about how much dirt and grime you encounter each day. Well residues of all of this irritants can be easily found on your skin. However, you cannot simply use some soap and water to get rid of all of these substances. This is because the skin on your face is a little different to the other areas of your body. In particular, the skin here is a great deal more sensitive. As such, you need a gentler soap to clean this region. You will also require one that is specialized in getting rid of germs and grime. It is because of this that you should have at least one face wash on hand at all times. 

Hair Products 

Unless you have a buzz cut going on, you are going to need some mens hair styling products. This is to make sure that every strand is in its place. For the longest time, guys had to resort to using glossy gels and other horrific items to keep their mane looking good. Now, however, there is an entire industry that caters to this specific needs. Therefore, there is a lot more to choose from than ever before. Even if you have a low maintenance style, you should still invest in at least one product. Moisturizing agents are especially important and make your locks look silky soft. If you experience problems with cowlicks or an untameable mane, then you may require some wax to help you out. 

Lip Balm 

Chapped lips don’t just look bad – they feel quite awful too. If you ignore dry lips for too long, you may find them flaking or even worse splitting and bleeding. This is not a good look for everyone. This is why it is important to keep your lips hydrated at all times. There is a lot of choice in lip balms as well. If you are especially prone to dry skin, you might want to consider ones with honey or some other hydrating ingredient. You can also get these balms in a variety of flavours, just to make them a little more enticing. Regardless of which one you choose, make sure to carry it with you always. Then simply dab some on when your lips are feeling a little dry. 


This is not just for the purpose of vanity – sunscreen can actually keep you safe from skin cancer and other skin problems. You need to pick a coverage, dependent on your skin tone. Make sure to slather it on before you leave the house, particularly in the summer. 

These are just a few of the items that you, as a modern man, need to have. It will improve your look considerably.