September 2, 'LET`S DRIVE wanton contentment overrun - 2017 Guangzhou Automobile Acura regional test drive will' in the three sources of the Shanghai World Expo Park test drive base Hi burst staged. Legend of ultra-running NSX, brand flagship SUV MDX SPORT HYBRID Sensor and the first domestic strategic models CDX gathered in Shanghai, bringing a passionate driving feast. Test drive activities to the customer experience first, through the well-designed challenges, to provide consumers with a one-stop, multi-dimensional, all-round test drive experience.

  As a myxious sales trump card, Guangzhou Automobile Acura first domestic strategic models CDX ring circuit in the scene show skills, so many young consumers surging. Integrated performance CDX equipped with a 1.5 L in-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 134kW, the maximum torque of up to 240N? M, superior power performance has been comparable to the 2.0L turbocharged engine models. With 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, CDX start strong, smooth power output, shift rhythm and sense of movement. Intelligent control of the four-wheel drive system ring race in the ring shine, before and after the wheel power of the optimal allocation of accurate feedback fuel metering valve to get the driver's high evaluation. At the same time, CDX is also equipped with a rear lift armrest, dual zone automatic air conditioning (with plasma air purification system), active noise reduction system, Acura Link all-around intelligent drive and other high-end intelligent configuration. For the young master of the elite to create a great technology and luxury sense of sports car, and bring beyond the same level of high quality to enjoy.
   Representing the Acura peak technology level of the legendary ultra-running NSX, design domineering, a scene is the focus of the audience. The new 3.5L V6 twin-turbo engine, 550 horsepower above the power unit integrated output, 9-speed dual-clutch transmission, and the world's first multi-power super-four-wheel drive system - Hybrid Hybrid SH-AWD and a series of cutting-edge technology, all Let the new generation of passion for the NSX driving touching heartstrings. Test drive site for the NSX set up a exclusive linear racing track, NSX incarnation 'speed beast', start strong, speed up swift, will belong to the legendary ultra-running extraordinary style show no doubt. Passport from the legendary ultra-running NSX multi-power super-four-wheel drive system - Hybrid Hybrid SH-AWD, once again refresh the driver's sensory experience. The high output dual motor unit, which is located in the rear axle of the car, makes the torque distribution more straightforward, precise, and more agile. At the same time, generators Pressure Sensor and engine tacit cooperation, but also for the MDX SPORT HYBRID has brought driving pleasure and fuel economy of the dual advantages. MDX SPORT HYBRID with a series of high-tech security such as Acura Watch configuration, details of the uncompromising attention to the strength and outstanding quality to the large high-end SUV market to launch a strong challenge. Test drive site also has a fun challenge area, so that experience wantonly enjoy, happy super 'control.' Ideas racing links with great ideas to capture the inspiration of science and technology, so that participants experience the power of focus. Driving, the scene also has a dedicated female service for the nail area, to bring you beyond the expectations of the intimate service, so that you feel in advance of Guangzhou Automobile Acura owners exclusive distinguished.

  The cause of the new system to establish a year, Guangzhou Automobile Acura in the product, marketing, channels, after-sales service and other areas of deep plowing, break before the line. Chengdu, the auto show, the second of the expected domestic models and the first domestic sedan TLX-L appearance of the interior release, in December will be listed around the special store; 2018, CDX mixed version and the third domestic model of urban high-end SUV RDX will also be listed. Constantly enrichment, and constantly strong Guangzhou Acura product camp, will enable more users to experience the core of Acura's brand 'LET`S DRIVE wanton contention overrun - 2010 Guangzhou Acura regional test drive will be' Unique experience, so that consumers of Guangzhou Automobile Acura models of the ultimate driving control and technical charm have Throttle Position Sensor a more profound understanding and feelings. Passionate wanton driving, joy continued to 'control', into the September, Guangzhou Automobile Acura will also start the glare test drive, glare cruise, shopping district tour, the store experience and a series of 90 people for the creative marketing activities, one after another Set off Hi burst mode.